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love love love this! i grabbed a print on demand deck and i can't stop flipping thru it <3 all of the characters look very cute and distinct but i wanna call out Laurel, Petunia, Gertrude, Felicia, and Oscar in particular as my favs <3

hoping to start a solo game soon and have been organizing my random generators in preparation so i'm very glad to have a Wanderhome specific one now! this looks like it might even be useful for group play if we're having a creative block <3

the second i saw this it went on my wish list. Castle in the Skyis one of my all time favorite movies and i am soooo excited to give this a proper read through!

very cool!! idk if i'll participate myself but super excite what everyone makes <3

10,000,000 Degrees ☀

please don't overwork yourself! and thank you for running these monthly jams, even when i don't participate they're always fun to see <3

Hymenoptera: aka the order of insects made up of bees, wasps, and ants! (and a few others)

hi hello i'm dying over this

thank you so much for writing and blessing us with this <3

Do submissions have to be created entirely for the jam, or are older works allowed? Because I have an adventure made for Liminal Horror that I uploaded about a year ago and I'd love to add if possible :)

evil >:)

It does! Thank you :)

In the legal section it says "Winners of the ranked jam and honorable mentions of both the ranked and non-ranked jams will be featured on the interact-if Tumblr." what does honorable mention mean in the context of an un-ranked jam? Or is that just a typo?

10/10 would open fire on a conference room filled with bloodsucking warmongering shareholder pigs again

short 'n sweet :)

i <3 my friend froggy <3 +loved the art for the bad end v creepy!

great use of comedic timing that also instills a deep sense of existential dread

also; good to hear clinics in other parts of the country seem to operate on some kind of rotary phone based system as well.

what a charming little game :)

ooo that was spooky! love a good evil house and/or mirror

i owned and used my original DS until the top screen came half off

i still have it and it still works! but there's no sound anymore+it's a pain to prop up lol

thank you! the paperclip thing reminds me tho; if you've never played it you might wanna checkout Universal Paperclips it's a whole game based on that premise and it gets weirdly deep by the end

nice catch! i was a bit worried no one would bother to translate that lol

thank you so much!

i have been so HYPE for this game's release! unfortunately i'm still busy running my current games so i'll have to wait a bit to actually play ;u; but digging thru the rules has plenty fun so far!

if you ever do end up putting out a print version i'll be one of the first in line :)

wow i haven't thought abt this game(or neopets!) in forever, thanks for this blast to the past!

aaaaa this is so cute! one of my favorite memes lol

good good! i've been thinking a lot about media-as-a-service lately and have been putting more effort into collecting physical copies of books and albums that mean a lot to me

that was a cool read! hope you do end up making that follow up cause i'd be interested in seeing what else you have to say on the topic

awesome essay! i love seeing sympathetic readings of monsters (insert "of course you do you idiot you're queer!!" meme here) and this was a very lovely read

love this! as a kid my white whale was Gardevoir i was very bad at the game and could never catch a Ralts and i thought Wally was the coolest for having one :') then i got obsessed with the PMD games but was also very bad at those and was never able to save Gardevoir in the Very Final Quest lol

ah sorry for rambling just wanted you to know that this brought back a lot of memories for me!

thank you!

Heya! Just wanted to ask if it's cool to submit something that's intended to be used as a supplementary to an existing game (like races and items and such) or if this for making original games only? Thanks in advanced! I can't wait to see what sorts of games featuring our fungal overlords everyone comes up with!