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can u communicaste over this forum

i am making a rhythm game, yes. lofi music. can u communicate over forums

btw, sorry to inconvenience u but can u tell me what exactly a narrative designer does in more details

probably not, cuz I cant do puzzle design

I quit making it. Thats why. So the win goal hasnt got anywhere to take u, and on accident i made it start on the wrong level :/


You said for the exp thing to put the dates you have seriously worked on gamedev. What does seriously working on gamdev mean. Does it mean making games to get money of smth?

Oh god, its so hard to choose! I think the apocalypse one, but still with the news thingy, cuz I like it

Happy to help :)

Tell me if you need more help

First, you know where the down arrow is, next to your profile in the top right corner? Where you access your Library? Click it, and click upload new project, and fill in all the info

You know those giant power ranger robots? Your like one side of that. The other person is the other side.    

Another meaning for not alone is numerous, so you can clone yourself

A strategy game where you have a army

Alr, so, you said you had some plot ideas? what were you thinkin?

Unfortunately, I cant use discord

I missed it... again.

What6 counts as seriously working on gamedev

Where do you suggest? I don't really have any like social media or anything so. Best I can think of is gd messages, but that might even be a bit slower XD.


So, a bullet hell game like cuphead, where you play as the grim reaper and are trying to kill as many as possible. Also, you have a currency called souls that can get cool new abilities.

Need a 2d artist for my game

Aw, I missed it

does it have to be your death that is progress or some enemy's

The sooner the bteer, cuz im actually starting a game

Most people prob

If you dont find anything, theres a tool on that randomly makes music called nardom gen or smth

Sorry, but can you communicate over community posts like this. Cant use discord srry

Dont need that this game jam, but that would be great perhaps in my next game jam?

early happy bday

same but I'm 11

bit unoriginal imo

Are you able to communicate over the community post thingy