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Jason Aldred

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Thanks Commander copass! It's always great hearing from people enjoying Galencia ;)

Great to hear you are enjoying Galencia! There will be another update before the end of the year, this will have all the features of the Physical version, like stats screens and difficulty options. This release will come with a 'Digital Extras' pack free of charge with lots of goodies in there, like PDF of the manual, wallpapers and SID files featuring unreleased music. Stay tuned!

Welcome aboard Commander Space Fractal, please enjoy your stay!

Welcome to Galencia Flight Control

You are very welcome Commander!

Thank you for your kind words and review, we all appreciate it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it makes all the team very happy to hear people enjoying Galencia. Watch out for Amy she's a wild one!

Glad you like it, don't fear the Brexit - I have it on a 50% off sale right now ;)

Its such a joy to hear people really enjoying the game! Thank you for allowing  Galencia to be part of your celebrations, hope you saved me some cake ;)

Really happy to hear you are enjoying Galencia! 2 players together is an interesting option and is worthy of consideration for a future project, it is too much of a change at this late stage of development for this game. Centipede is an interesting option... Hmmmmmmmm

Hi, I had this feature in originally and it was requested to be removed, let me have a play around with it and see what I can come up with.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy it!

Me too, it was looking shaky for a while -  but here it is ;)

Thank you for your support I appreciate it!

hi, yes I will be rolling out the NTSC update free to everyone who purchase's.

I'm working on NTSC compatibility and waiting for the artwork to be finished, then I can announce it, really happy you like Galencia, tell your friends about it :)

Nice, a new text adventure sounds interesting!

Thanks man, enjoy!

Much appreciated! Hope you enjoy it

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Looking forward to the review, thank you for buying and showing support for C64 developers!

Don't forget to rate the game here ;)