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Really happy to hear you are enjoying Galencia! 2 players together is an interesting option and is worthy of consideration for a future project, it is too much of a change at this late stage of development for this game. Centipede is an interesting option... Hmmmmmmmm

When such a 2-player-simultan-mode is to much change to the existing project, then maybe it would be an idea for "Galencia 2" in the future. :) Simultan-playable games are always the hit when friends came around for a party or something like that. I am glad you like the Centipede idea, because the existing C64-version is not bad, but also not great, when you compare it to the Arcade or NES version. And i think the C64 can handle a version which is equal to the arcade original. Ouh i have alot of ideas for future games, when you need some *lol*. A better "Dig Dug" version for example, would also be cool. The original C64-version is a bit slow and for example the Atari-VCS7800 or NES versions are better. And also here i think a simultan-mode in Dig Dug would be great fun. And last but not least, an idea for a hack. I am sure you know "Bruce Lee", one of the classics and great fun. But can you imagine how much fun it would be, when also the black ninja could be controlled by a player. There are some 4-player-adapters available and a 3-player-simultan-mode, like for example "IK+ Gold" has it, would be a dream in "Bruce Lee". So, maybe after programming a complete game, you have fun to hack an existing game and improving it, then "Bruce Lee" would be a good candidate. :) Thanks for the great Galencia game!