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Well the GalefireRPG book funded on DAY 1! But its still up if you're interested in the best new 5e expansion with airships, guns, and kaiju!

I have used it on Roll20 myself, it takes a bit of finagling with, but it will work.

these are just finished maps, what are map blocks?

A credit would be nice! but not required

not animated, sorry!

Everything was drawn to the included grid, and it is all just sketched out/drawn by hand so I wasn't too specific about the grid angle, haha.  Sorry it doesn't seem to fit with your grid though! I've seen my assets used with the Epic Isometric stuff and it seems to look ok to me.

Check out all of the characters here:

Yup, I'd just ask for a credit is all.  The other sites have them slightly cheaper than they are here.


Hey, the full size versions are available!

you know, that's a good point.  I should make a high resolution set available, I will do that soon!

Sure go for it!  Glad you like them!

thanks for the kind words!  you will see more soon!

Glad to hear you like it!  There are a few different background packs I could release that hit a few different styles, I guess bundling them all up into a variety fantasy pack might be a good idea.  Maybe I'll go ahead and do that!

Well, its 5 sample maps.  But yes, they are just samples to see what can be made with the map-making assets.  I will rename those files though, I think they were labeled that way when I was putting together the other sets.

Not on this pack no, sorry!

Thank you!

not animated, sorry!