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Honestly, this is one of the best demos I have played. I really loved the graphics, they were realistic and accurate. The atmosphere that the environment gave off, gave me some shivers down my spine. I would say that this is how a demo should be played out, it gives you background or synopsis of what the game is going to be about, gives you clues about the characters and their problem, you investigate, and then at the end, you are faced with the problem. I just loved how the ending played out, I don't know you guys should just stop reading my review and actually play the game for the great experience. I HIGHLY recommend others to play. I don't really see too many games out there that focus on alien abduction especially in the horror category! 

Ever wanted to live out your fantasy of being a sardine, well now you can. However there is a twist, you need to figure out if you're going up or down with no context.

The best part of the game was the small musical with the tongue parasite, I thought that was pretty comedical. But towards the end I was confused, I guess in the end no matter what choices we make or what tragedies we go through we are just a fat blob of flesh, muscle, and bone.

It's a pretty simple game inspired by FNAF and the Mandela Catalog. I'm not much of a fan of FNAF games, but this one was ok.

It's a pretty good game, really short and sweet. I love the VHS aesthetic and the graphics. I recommend others to play the game.

Holy carp, there is a lot to unpack here. Ok Let's break this up, I will first talk about the graphics, the dialogue, the music, and finally my own interpretation of the game. I apologize if I don't make a lot of sense. I also left a link to my video incase anyone wants to watch it!

The Graphics

I absolutely love the pixelated look. There are sections where the amount of detail is minimal that you're not really sure what you're looking at, but then there are other parts where there is just enough you know what is there. All I'm trying to say is that there is a balance to the amount of detail.

It leads the player to just imagine what is going on, literally like a visual novel. I also love the different shades of pinks and red. Overall, the graphics give it that mysterious and eerie feeling.

The Dialogue

Most of the time I was confused as to what she was saying, but I loved how you get to choose what you want to say to her. I loved the fourth wall breaks

because it actually feels like the character is aware of where and what she is. In my opinion, I haven't seen many games with fourth wall break, so that

was a unique part of the game. Even though there are no facial expressions or voice actors, the way that the text is displayed along with the visual image and music gives personality to the character if that makes sense.

The music

The music is filled with simple tones yet it sets the mood for each of the scenes.

My Interpretation (SPOILERS: Read at your own risk)

So, we start off with the title screen 'Help me Buy Milk!,' a pretty simple task right? Well, for us, yes, but for the protagonist not so much as you will see throughout the game. Once we get to the counter the cashier is not human, in fact, the people aren't human at all this could be that she wants to disassociate people because it might remind her of her father. Later it is revealed that after her father died she just wasn't the same anymore, that is why she is prescribed medicine. This is purely speculation, but I think the protagonist is suffering from some form of depression and split reality. I mean seeing your own father's death with his fleshy bits scattered all over the floor is pretty scarring and horrific. So we the player are probably a figment of her imagination, that's why she speaks to us as if we are in her mind. The Mom is pretty creepy, there is not much context to her other than demanding the protagonist to buy milk. But yeah that is as much as I would like to say about the game.

Overall, I wish I can give this game more than 5 stars, definitely one of my favorites. It definitely stands out with its unique aspects. I highly recommend others to play this game for its unique interactions, graphics, and story.

Hello! So there is a lot that I want to say about this game. First, let's start off with the graphics, it is similar to the ps1 graphics which gives it that blocky aesthetic, which I love. The 'customers' that you serve all have the same model, white outfit with their blue filled eyes which gives them that eerier appearance. They look human, but not too human. I really loved the beginning of the game where the player wakes up IN his car driving to the burger joint with a city landscape in the background with vapor-esque music playing in the background. It really set the mood for the game, it makes you think that it is just your average mundane nightshift type of day.  

The gameplay, it just your typical grab this, grab that and send it out. It's simple but these task distracts you and makes you forget it's a horror game. At first, I was like "there is no horror aspect about this game," until the end where things just start to unravel.

The ending was something that I did not expect. I don't want to spoil too much because I think you should play it to experience it but, the moment I started to realize what was actually happening I was in complete shock and awe. I'd say it's a clever way to end the game. It left me with more questions than answers.

Overall, I highly recommend that you play this game!

I really enjoyed this game. Even though we don't get to see the radio host, their voice acting gives a mental picture of what they would look like, it's what gave their character that extra sauce. The quick-time events really did put me on the edge. It's not really horror, but more of a comedy. Overall, I would recommend others to play it for the voice acting, well done.

I probably said this many times in my reviews and my videos but I will keep on repeating myself. I am a sucker for retro ps1 horror type of games. This definitely hit a soft spot in my brain. You got the ps1 graphics, the eccentric characters, the dark victorian ambiance, the pixelated boobs, and gore, and more importantly, you have the cliched kill the root of evil, money, and powerful villain.  Overall, I highly recommend others to play this game. Short and sweet! 

This game really gave me a good laugh, I loved how similar this is to real-life just a bit less sugar-coated. The ending was a bit bland in my opinion, but the rest of the game was well made. No jumpscares, just the harsh existential atmosphere, and emptiness to give you shivers.
A change that I would make to the ending, instead of the robot maybe include what happened to the other interns? Like, have the player walk into your typical office building and see all the interns are dead or just cardboard or something else.

I really liked the whole idea of the game. I wasn't expecting the player to be part of an experiment. The ending was a bit underwhelming, though it would have been nice to explore more about why we were the subject and what happened to the people in the grocery store. I loved the atmosphere, it gave me a sense of loneliness.  

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It's a pretty simple game, your casual "do these objectives and leave but don't get caught by the entity. " Overall, I'd say it's a pretty good game. Never would I have thought Spongebob would be in the horror category! Really loved the fact that it was made in Unreal Engine!

Interesting story! I really like the atmosphere and the environment. Definitely gives that liminal space feel! 

Seth looked so innocent at first, but man is he good at his job. It's a pretty short and sweet game I really enjoyed it!

Honestly, I am really excited for this game to be released. I just love the overall aesthetic and feel the environment gives off. The story is interesting too, I loved the part where he is just floating in limbo and goes to his undead body. The pixelized environment and colors blend very well! Can't wait for more chapters! Great Work!

Honestly, I thought this was like an actual "Open House" simulator that you find on websites showcasing apartments/houses. I did a double-take when I looked at the screenshots and saw the floor with blood, glad I did and played the game. It was pretty entertaining, at first everything seems normal but some clues here and there made the game look "off" like it was hiding something. Overall I would highly recommend others to play the game!

It's been a while since I've played a point n' click horror game, especially on a web browser! This game gave me such nostalgia the room with the jewelry box reminded me of the save room from resident evil. I loved the ending it really put me on edge and just the way you captured the moment I was put in awe. It felt like I was left on a cliffhanger, I still wanted to play more of it. Managed to get the secret ending, just wanted to thank you for the amount of hard work you have put into this game, and hope you the best! <3

I enjoyed playing the game, it had a nice story to it short and sweet. I loved the environment and the style of the assets it really gave it that mysterious feeling. The atmosphere in my option is what brought this whole piece together, I don't know but I loved the part where the character is just staring into the moon and it gets bigger and bigger, that part gave me shivers. Overall, I would recommend others to experience it!

Pretty spooky, but I wish there were more tapes! 

Wow, what a demo! I really loved how the little guy would appear out of nowhere and then just scurry away, he gave me a few chills here and there. I really loved this demo it offered that suspense feels that every move you do will probably trigger some kind of scare or event. Can't wait for the full game to come out! Great job! 

Hello! What I absolutely love about this game are the graphics and the fixed camera angles. Some sections of the game gave chills down my spine but are not too spooky! This game definitely gives some Resident Evil and Silent Hill vibes which always brings back good memories! Overall the only criticism I have is not enough SPOOKS and too short!! But seriously, can't wait to see the finished game! Check out my gameplay!