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going to end up like radiant starts off really strong gets bored moves onto another game gets ppl into it and lets it die like this one 

looks like this is yet another good game with potential that ends up getting abandoned. hasnt been a update in almost a year no new chapters or anything.. Come on dev listen to  the people


i dont see a big red button just saying lol 

Are there any plans for Linda, Cece encounters? Any of the models planned to get prego or married to MC or some sort of harem type thing? The whole creampie but oh im on BC is bit boring imo amazing game and work dont get me wrong just ideas to spice up the content.

how come its been almost a year and now update is this finish or collecting dust ?

i agree 

wish i knew myself as well as why there isnt any content to Sylvia,Nia or the other elf slave you bought to stay in the house alone with no purpose outside of 1 event story for Lin.

I guess developer doesnt keep up to date with the people who play his game which is a no no for anyone who wants to remain relevant. Now onto other matters If there are features( Fetishes) you say are in game then how come they only seem to be for 2 girls and its used as more of a kink and after thought but no actual visualization of said feature and only the 2 can be fetished when its says you can do it to all of them...

so if pregnancy is a planned thing for this game then all the sex scenes need to have the option for not pulling out.

when is pregnancy and such going to be added nothing says it wont be but nothing on its progress either 

anyone know the codes or how to enable console commands to increase money and the girls love and such ?

how long til chapter 2 and would like progress updates woudl be nice ot see how thing are going. hopefully you dont abandon this after just 1 chapter 

I really wish the developer would reply to our stuff on here when i go to download the game its says it hasnt been worked on since 2018 .... but  see v10.2 if this is a bug can you fix it and update files. When is the option you put in pregos going to be added and hopefully not just one girl as a linear option would be funny to see Jin be a option even though you wrote her in as she cant get prego would be funny if its like this wasnt suppose to be possible and have to work it out with Lin who is also prego or something seeing as this is a harem game. also more content for the other elf girls would be nice rather than them ignoring you at the sanctuary even after the Lin event.

I wouls appreciate it if anyone can tell me the code to esther computer file and the laptop in the safe..

since developer hasnt answered you it is for 3 other elf girls you can buy on the online computer to do story content with the maid elf girl. neither really have much content or personal progress outside of what you do with them for main quest 

summertime saga allows you to knock up and see their prego bellies and you have to meet them at hospital to see the boy/girl/twins in a convo with the girl then after 2 days they go home and after 3 the babies go away and you can knock them up all over again..  More developers need to take a page from summertime saga games My New Family are amazing in detail but they go more for reading hours on hours like a filler episode on anime we alll hate fillers. Some are ok but not a entire season worth just like reading or having to click through every dialog to get to a different choice than previous play and if you skip forward it skips the scenes and keeps going til you get to a dialog choice. Overall the game is phemoninal just giving things to think about for future stuff and any new projects see if there is a way to incorporate summertime saga into this its a visual novel but also a game where you have to work and build char stats to progress on a ceertain girl to get to next part. 

what is the secret code thing 

I was only able to play first part but it says there are 6 chapters? Can you do a full upto date chapter download so we can get access to all current content ?

Are there any console commands to alter discipline and money and such it would be helpful when getting game over and having to reply hours and hour on content over please help.

What is the secret code thing ?

no update for over 2 months now is this going to be another well done game that goes unfinished just to collect dust 

why has there been no update to this game since september of last year thats almost a year now I hate how something so good goes unfinished.

is there a walkthrough for this to show how to do or unlock certain pregnancies

Any money cheat options cause we dont receive enough money for work or photshoots with girls

Main menu has option for code ? Are there cheats codes for this game if so what are they ?