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summertime saga allows you to knock up and see their prego bellies and you have to meet them at hospital to see the boy/girl/twins in a convo with the girl then after 2 days they go home and after 3 the babies go away and you can knock them up all over again..  More developers need to take a page from summertime saga games My New Family are amazing in detail but they go more for reading hours on hours like a filler episode on anime we alll hate fillers. Some are ok but not a entire season worth just like reading or having to click through every dialog to get to a different choice than previous play and if you skip forward it skips the scenes and keeps going til you get to a dialog choice. Overall the game is phemoninal just giving things to think about for future stuff and any new projects see if there is a way to incorporate summertime saga into this its a visual novel but also a game where you have to work and build char stats to progress on a ceertain girl to get to next part.