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Yes! That’s what I meant about more 3D objects. Still looks like original balloon, but it’s not flat.

I see that you updated your game and most of my tips are included! Thanks a lot. That made the game better, I’m sure about it.

Understood :). Look at my profile or website, how many unfinished projects I have… haha!

Of course, it’s your game. You don’t have to promise anything :). I gave you only a bunch of my tips, nothing more. I will follow your game so if you make next version, I’ll certainly try it.

Wow! A very nice HERO remake. It still has the original mood but is extended. Good job!

Hi again. I have some thoughts I like to share with you.

  • There’s no window mode. Fullscreen is nice, but not always the best. I like playing in smaller window.
  • After enabling CRT shader the blur strenght can be set but it works only on the title screen. Even when I set blur to minimum, it is visible in the game and makes my eyes hurt
  • The plane should tilt to left and right when turning, not turn like a car. I’ve seen some early video of the game and you had it there. I don’t know why you changed that but it was better.
  • The animation of tank is too slow according to it’s speed when moving on the bridge
  • Flat objects made of big pixels looks cool. But I would like to see them more 3D. It could be still made of pixels but in all 3 dimensions. For example, the baloon now is flat “pie” but it could be a pixelated sphere. Especially when I see the heicopters with rotating propeller, it’s in third dimension. Oh, just like you made zeppelins!
  • Balloon moves to fast. Check the original River Raid. Balloons are the slowest obstacles.
  • Also, the ships are a bit too fast. Maybe it could be faster on the further levels but at the beginning it should be slower.
  • Fuel is running out too fast. When I slow down, it’s impossible to fly one level from bridge to bridge without refueling. It was possible on Atari game.
  • Your bullet should move left/right along with the plane. It was the Atari mechanics and it should be here.
  • Keyboard should be available to redefine. I don’t like shooting with space, rather would like to use ctrl key.
  • Whole menu should be controlled by keyboard, not only mouse. I can pause game with escape key, but cannot unpause it with keyboard. When I play with keyboard, I don’t need to use mouse in the same time.
  • Changing the camera view is very important, but you should add some more views. The most important is allowing to view the game from the top, giving you the feel and look closer to the original game. Or even an isometric view like in Blue Max game whould be nice.
  • Like ‘puzzud’ wrote in an other comment, you should take care of some optimization because the game sometimes has hiccups
  • Waves on the river could be more distinct. Water looks like clear blue but it would be a nice effect

This is not complaining. I hope you don’t take it like that. These are some thoughts from me after a short time of playing. I really like your game and would like to see it still developing.

  • Extended objects are outstanding idea! I love the mines, shooting ships etc. Still more could be added but it’s great now.
  • Also the bosses are great!
  • The whole game is made very well and it’s the best RR remake I ever seen. Really good job!

I also made a few remakes of old classics from the 8-bit, so this one is very close to my heart. River Raid was one of the first computer games I ever played when I was very young and still play it quite often. I will download it and play it with big pleasure! Congratulations

wow! Great news!

yes, I did! :)

This is really fantastic game! Some fresh ideas, good graphics and sounds. Great! And those detailed animated sprites.. It’s quite difficult, but this was always a standard in the 80’s.

I think there’s too many similar platform games for ZX from last few years but this one looks more interesting than most of them. Maybe some new tricks are the key here, like hiding. I like it!

Lovely game! Riding a melex is the most innovative idea in a golf game I’ve ever seen!

Wow thanks! I also recommend your MULE to my friends.


Oh what a cool idea! Looks very fun, I have to try this. It would be fine if the planets could rotate when moving aside. But I don’t know if it’s easy to achieve for you. I’m sure it won’t look very good with such pixelated graphics, but you could give a try. Good work, anyways!

Yes, it’s much harder. I suggest to use smaller well dimensions, like 6x6 or 7x7 and max depth. Did you see the original DOS game named FRAC? It was a very good game back in the day.

New version coming soon!

Oh, right, FLAT EXTENDED. Sorry, I misunderstood. Try the ‘FRAC’ settings. It’s 3D, quite difficult, but interesting :). Wow, it’s nice to see that you play my game! Thanks!

At what settings are you playing?

Wow! Many fixes and improvements. Congrats!

Nice! I think the best part is when you use the third dimension :)

I’ve read this. The problem with Setris was also because of the similar name to Tetris and the music. It’s funny, but the game has now changed title to Sandtrix and it’s allowed to exists. Well, we will see. If someone from TTC would ask me to remove the game, I do it and can’t help it. But until then I don’t feel I did something wrong if I don’t earn money on it and I give credits to the original author of Tetris.

Thank you. I understand that and respect your opinion. You’re right about music sharing and piracy. I agree with you. It’s a bit different case with software because I don’t copy the original protected game and share it, so it’s not piracy. I just made a similar game like many others, but I don’t earn money on it and I even wrote about the original Tetris in the help file included with game. I hope no one resents me about another one Tetris clone made in a homage for this great game. Thanks for the feedback about the Debian. I’ve heard that it works fine on Wine but never tried it.

Probably all developers don’t have any written permission. But there are thousands of Tetris clones all over the world and I don’t think that TTC is pursuing the developers for the rights to the name or game. Especially if game is not titled ‘Tetris’. Besides my Trismania is not a copy of Tetris. It’s a similar game with 3D well. Besides, look at the date. I made it more than 15 years ago and it was downloadable all this time from my website. But if you feel unsafe, don’t download it, please. It’s your decision.

I love it! This reminds me very old classic Ironman’s Off Road from arcade, PC, Amiga and other platforms. But changing it to the farm style is outstanding idea! I hope to see it finished :)

Thank you! It was much work to adjust everything to make it as close to original as possible, but still with a modern touch. And most important for me was to make the responsive movement. If you press a key in any direction, you must be sure Rockford will move immediately.


Fantastic game! Awesome idea with reversing roles and trying to stop the frog plague :)

Ha ha ha! That’s a real frog plague! I love the idea of reversing roles in Frogger. Great! I wish the frogs would be a bit smarter and try to avoid the cars by moving backwards or speeding up horizontally to run away. But even now the game is fantastic!

What a cool idea! I love the graphics and the idea! Did you think about adding control with the mouse? It could be more fun. Good work!

Great idea! You’re very talented and I’m sure you can do it. I hope I will play this game on Atari some day :)

Robbo na zawsze w moim sercu. Zaraz obok Boulder Dash, jedna z intrygujących gier, okropnie trudnych, wciągających, z super grafiką i klimatycznymi dźwiękami. Co prawda mam to w emulatorze Atari, mam wersję na PC, ale fajnie zobaczyć wersję przeglądarkową niemal identyczną z oryginałem! Dobra robota :)

Right, I didn’t notice the similarity to Archon, but now it’s obvious. Yes, but tomatoes are so surprising and odd that makes this game unique!

I understand. I also sometimes go back to my old projects but sometimes I leave them forever, mostly uncompleted. Life… :) Too many ideas to realize, too little time!

Oh, my bad, I was suggested by the Atari font, but C64 was similar. If you could make it for the Atari/C64 it would be great. There are still many people loving these computers and developing new games so I’m sure there would be many eager players for your game!

That was awesome game! For Atari and Commodore 64, both same good.

You must be an Atari lover :). Sounds are perfectly suited to an Atari game. The graphics too. Oh, the spiders ate me…

I had an Atari 8-bit for my whole childhood and I still miss it. I’m also a game developer and I made many games influenced by 8-bit games. I have only a few my games on my profile, but I have more on my own website. It’s so good fun to make games with 8-bit nostalgia.

Good fun! The driving model could be a bit better. The car should have an inertia and whe you turn, you can slide a bit. That would make it more interesting. But still good.

I saw the Atari font and had to check it out. But the game is so surprising! Like a chess or checkers but with tomatoes… Haha, it’s funny :)

Nice and fun game! I thought the apples would fall down but this is also cool!