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Adorei! Esse jogo tá uma fofura e super divertido! Joguei 3x seguidas kkk

Love it!

Oi Vand! Ele tá congelado por enquanto sim. O jogo foi um projeto final de ggraduação. Agora estou enrolada em outros projetos e trabalho. Não sei quando vou poder dar continuidade ao desnude 

Vamos conversar! esse é meu instagram ou facebook : )

aaaaaa muito obrigada!! Fico tão feliz de ver gente brasileira curtindo o jogo 💜✨

Oh my god! I'm really sorry : (  We've never seen this happen


Desnude, in portuguese, means "to undress" . It also has a sense of "became vulnerable" and/or "let go of your prejudices".

So, that's what the game is about. It's a bunch of experiences lived by a young woman that had a lot of prejudices and misunderstandings regarding sex, pleasure and relationships.  The mechanis are visual novel like, with some small interactions along the way. It's a demo, still with some bugs, but we're looking for ways to continue it's development. So, keep in touch, there's more to come.

Thank you for cheking in! You can download or read more HERE 

Thanksss ^^

Thank you so much for the video!! Omg 💜

I guess there was a bug at the and :/ there's still a lot of work to be done. But thanks for the support ✨

In the future, yes! But for the demo we could only make it in our first language. 

Acabei de colocar! A gente já até tinha. Boa pedida! : )