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There are worse ways to make a living... though there are also better ways...

Good work!

Glad you like it! Not the best game I ever made, but it's probably the funniest.

"i wanted to serve patrons vomit"

That's not a bad idea lol.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you found it funny! I found them funny too.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll make it so that both the arrow keys AND WASD move the character.

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I love the atmosphere in this game! It also looks like it has an interesting story! Can't wait to learn more about the Freak in the Red Vest!

One thing you should work on is how Olivia interacts with items. Take this table, for example:

She automatically interacts with it when she touches it, but when I finish the dialog then turn around, she repeats the dialogue. I think it would be better if you could press a button to interact with these object, such as Right-click. It's not a problem with the letters since you pick them up and they disappear, but I could see them get annoying with permanent objects like that table that don't disappear.

Look forward to playing the next version of this game! Keep it up!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Great work!

Ah, I see. Sure, I'll add that later on. It's a good idea.
Thanks for the suggestion!

Yeah, it lasts about 2 minutes until you reach the boss fight, which you can actually beat in a few seconds if you know what you're doing.

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Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It gets tough for sure, but it's beatable! I've actually beaten it several times after a few tries.

When you say "on screen," do you mean after you start the game?

Also, I'll be sure to play your game as well!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was really fun to make this game. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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I actually updated earlier this week. I'll update again either next Wednesday or next Thursday.

You can also download the game for $1 (it will be on sale from 6/23-7/9; during the sale you can purchase it for just 50 cents!), and the downloadable version features controller support. If you download it, let me know if the controller works.

Yeah, based on what I read online about the issue, gaming controllers are wonky with internet browsers. I might have to make it exclusive to the downloadable version, since I haven't had many issues getting it to work when running on Windows.

What type of controller do you use?

Thanks for the feedback. 

I could easily reach on one of the clouds on the first level by jumping high and connect to it

That was intentional. The first level is more of a playground for the player to experiment with jumping and running. It's not supposed to be difficult for anyone.

I got to level two cause i didn't know how to progress after reaching the top where the two snowman looking creatures were. 

I'm not sure how many people got stuck in that part. That said, once you reach the top, you need to go left towards the birds at the top, then fall to the bottom of the level, then make it past the flowers and through the door at the bottom-left corner of the level, highlighted in the screenshot below.

I might add signs if too many people have trouble figuring this out.

the movements aren't fluent

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can make the movement more fluid? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it.

-I'll have to learn how to make a bounding box, but I'll definitely look into it!

-Okay, I will try to fix that as well

-I would have to figure that out. I might adjust the movement to how you suggested, depending on if it improves the game feel.

-Actually, you should be able to pull up your stats by pressing Q. I'll add that to the game info. But I would like to ask: should I use a different button to show your lives, or is Q fine?

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I paid a lot for the graphics, and I'm pleased with how they look, especially the backgrounds!

You can include my game, Immortal, if you want.

You can also include my game, How Far Will You Go?

I'm glad you at least had fun playing it. I've been getting plenty of complaints about the audio, so I'm working on that.

"Not sure if it's intended, but after defeating the boss in level 10 (?), the battle repeats infinitely and is unbeatable."

There are only 10 levels available at the moment. Most people don't make it as far as level 10, so I didn't pay much mind to what happens after. I may add more levels after I polish what I have playable at the moment.

I played your game again. I played through World 3. Please check your messages on Twitter. I sent you some feedback about some glitches I found in World 3.

Sure, I will change it. It will be in the next update, which should come either next Wednesday or next Thursday.

Thanks for the feedback. I added a few opportunities in the game to earn extra lives. I hope they help!

I hope they enjoy it too! I'm working on easing the difficulty a bit so more folks can enjoy it.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, man. I do want the player to only have one life by default, but I might make it so you can earn extra lives while playing the game.

Hey brotha! I just played through the first world of this game. I had a lot of fun! A few suggestions in case you plan to update this game later on:

1. This is a bit of a nitpick. I think it'd be cool if in the "How to Play" page, you let people use a button on the controller to exit back to the Main Menu, rather than having to use the mouse to do so.

2. Jumping is overall good, and the levels are designed well around the jump height, but the jumping could be a bit more fluid. If you want the jumping to feel top-tier, you should make it so that rather than having the character jump a fixed height every time, make it so that tapping the jump button without holding it only makes the player jump at a small height, while the player has to hold the jump button to jump at the maximum height.

3. Having a sound effect when jumping on an enemy or sliding through it would make killing enemies a bit more satisfying.

4. There was a glitch at the end of the first level. I touched the exit door from above, and it caused the character to disappear without going to the next level. I'm not sure if this happens in later levels. Entering the end door from either side works fine though.

5. How many worlds are there in total? If there are more than a few worlds in this game, you should add a save system so players who make it past the first world can exit the game and later continue from where they left off.

With all that said, I do enjoy your game a lot, and I will share it on Twitter. Hopefully I can get others to try it out. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for letting me know! I'll get to fixing those bugs ASAP! I'm glad you liked it overall!

I'll be sure to leave you feedback when I try out your game!

Okay, I just uploaded a new version of Immortal with the gameplay change you suggested. When a shark is swimming toward The Jelly and is close to it, it will now move up or down to get to the same height as The Jelly. I think this will make gameplay a bit more engaging.

Please try it out and let me know what you think.

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Not a bad idea. I’ll try putting that in and seeing what people think. In fact, it’ll make one of the later levels a lot more interesting.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks a bunch!

I also wanted to ask you a question:

How were you able to have others play this game directly on the game's Itch page in a browser? I only know how to upload my game as a download.

If you've given my game Immortal a try, please post here to let me know what you think of it!

Did you love it? Hate it?

How do you think it could improve?

Were there any levels in particular you loved or hated?

Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated, and it will be used to improve the game.

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Pretty fun! If I could make a suggestion, maybe recolor the green tiles in levels (make the first level green, the second purple, the third red, etc.) for more visual variety.

Will this game be released commercially?