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Ah, thank you.

Hey, I bought this as part of the bundle, and it said I would get a steam key, but there is no "steam key" button.

Game of the year, every year, for ever and ever, to the END OF TIME, and even then PAST THAT!!!

Rain, could've been implemented better.

Ahhh I see :thumbsup: good luck!

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I just find that left and right click aren't the most intuitive things to press for growing and shrinking, idk how to make it any better though.

I didn't think Tetris could be changed... but it works extremely well!


You have definitely earned yourself an upvote as soon as voting opens! The third level is impossible for me though, and the controls feel a tad fiddly.

I had a ton of fun playing this. The menu buttons are a bit iffy to click on, but it's great overall!

Hey there! I can't pay with PayPal on any of your games! I would really like to purchase Soul Searching.