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Hi All,

Decided to upload a WebGL version of a game here that I recently uploaded to Google Play in case it interests anyone here. More of a casual game so might not be suited to everyone's tastes here. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the difficulty. I play word and puzzle games myself so didn't find this hard at all but I have had friends who struggled to complete 1 round.

For those curious, the game was developed in Unity. I have very little usable artistic skills so in my games I try to generate content programmatically along with using store assets to give the game a little more polish.

Thanks for taking the time read this post. Happy gaming/developing.


On Google Play:

This is super impressive for an undergraduate project. I taught software development for 5 years and saw nothing rivalling this kind of quality - however all the students I taught only worked on single person final year projects. What institute did you graduate from? I'm passing this on to my old colleagues to see if they can motivate their students to work harder!

The simple mechanics and pace actually make this work very well on keyboard. I enjoyed it.

Accidentally sold my gun before buying the upgrade first. 10/10 would dance merrily in the fields again.

On my first crash, I laughed at the same time the little character started laughing! Perfectly simple concept to bring a smile to the face :)

What a delightfully charming game! Excellent heartfelt storytelling to raise awareness for a problem and its auxiliary issues which typical serious games fail to do.

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Hello all, thanks for stopping by!

Word Jumble Farm is an anagram and word jumble puzzle game for exercising your word smarts in the relaxing setting of a farm. 
A Web GL light version of the game for browser play is available to play on Word Jumble Farm uses simple drag and drop controls to play or you can tap (or click) letters to move them quickly.

The full version is completely FREE with no IAP and available on Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS devices. The full version features over 1700 puzzles, multiple puzzle categories and farm animals that can be unlocked through solving puzzles.

Thanks for taking the time to view this post and happy gaming on whatever you decide to play today!