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@IamNOTaCAT That sound effect probably could have been  lower.  That was the one item we did not create.  The sound effect was from Kenney.nl.  Glad you played and liked our game!

Thanks @zombievirals, I go in waves of being awesome... and totally sucking.  Any time I can go slow and take my time, I do pretty well.  Then I get frustrated at an inconvenient death, and try to make up for it with time, and just die 20 times in a row.  Thanks for the feedback and playing!

Tough first level (and more!).   Nice idea to give them a "Level Skip" option.  Great use of theme.  I may play this even more... just not at the start of my day again.  Some of my students were watching me play this and they asked me "Oh, is this one of those rage games?"  And I responded, "Yes... yes it is."  Great entry.

Great jam entry.  I agree with @DaCluwn on a couple of things.  Mostly I think your health should go up more (or at all?) when you reap people.  Pretty tried and true concept.  OMG that intro background!  With all those colors and the movement speed, it was a little intense for me.  But the music was catchy,  nice simple use of theme, all of your UI and art was understandable, and I had fun playing the game.  Good job!

Fun game.  I really wish the enemies died a little easier (maybe I just suck though).  I did finally beat it.  Great mechanic, dropping the rock on the bosses head.  And I really like your intro cut scene.  We didn't have time for that or tutorial, so good job!

Thanks for playing and for your comments!  I totally agree with the tutorial, we had one planned (the beginning of it is actually in the game, just not accessable). If we were going to develop this further we would absolutely need one. And we never thought so many people would use the arrow keys, the issue doesn't happen with WASD controls, live and learn.

We came across that as well, sometimes zooming out fixed it, the easiest thing is to just use WASD. Thanks for playing!

I'm on Win 10 (build 17134) , Chrome 66, MS Surface Book.  I click run game, it begins to load, the title screen comes up, and then nothing.  Pressing enter doesn't let me go forward or any other key.

There are 11 games who still have not received 10 ratings or more.  If you want to help them out and show some support they can be found at the below link


Thanks for taking the time to play others games, can't wait until next week when all the votes are tallied and awards are given out!

I really liked your game.  My first try at Insane was a little embarrassing (I do not trust the collision box on those damn stars!).  Great, simple concept executed very well.  I made something like this for my 3 year old when I was teaching him about shapes/colors (not nearly as hard though).

I am not sure if I am happy or disappointed that there is no score involved.  The balls moved really fast!  Fun jam game with a simple idea.  I knew how to play immediately (which actually says a lot about a game made in 72 hours).  Very intuitive, nice entry overall.

Fun game, I really liked the music.  It was also nice to see someone using LÖVE in the jam.  I feel like all the games submitted in game jams who use LÖVE are always so cute.  Only thing I would point out is that I could not get your browser game to start.  Could have been on me, but I think you may have not gotten many ratings because of it.  I would either update it or remove it.  Thanks for participating, great entry!

@spicyroboto In these jams, browser games almost always get more love. I was HIGHLY recommending to all my students to keep requirements low so they could be  stable as browser games. We plan on playing them all, but we also fall into the trap of running low on  time and playing the browser based games first.

Fun game, super colorful.  I like the color trail.  I bet with a timer you could have gotten some speed run competition going.

Speed run, 37 seconds.  Anyone better?

Thanks for the entry.  The game doesn't last long enough for me to really figure out what the heck I am supposed to be doing.  I have tried a dozen times or so, and my hi-score is 9.  I don't think I have put out a single fire.  Your art is super fun, I love the fire extinguisher mouse icon, and your use of theme seems right on.  If the initial fires spawned a little slower (or the damage to the buildings was slower), I think I could have been totally on board with this game.

If you change any of that send me a post and I will definitely try your game again.

Fun game.  Your incremental controls made it easy to not miss stuff, but I still wasn't very good at it.  Especially the ones where you had to figure out which two colors made up the enemy.  Definitely a fun jam game, glad you participated.

I like the concept, and the signs were pretty funny "ehhh  what evs - Beta Tester."  It was easier to control than I thought it would be.  I even like how you can replay the levels.  With some achievements/goals this could be a pretty fun/addicting concept.  Great entry.

Thanks for playing!  And no problem on hosting the jam.  There are definitely some things I will change for the next one, but I am happy with how it turned out.  If you make a harder level, I definitely, 100%, do NOT want to know about it. 

Fun mechanics, was a little tricky to get a couple of the colors just right.  I agree with @IamNOTaCAT that I really like the ending.  I actually have a GIF of me beating the game, if you want one for your file.  I just don't want to ruin the ending for other people.  Great entry!

Loved the game, great outlining the whole screen to signify what color you were using, it really helped me.  The game got a lot more manageable once I figured out that I could only be damaged by the color of bullets attacking me.  Fun art, great UI and easy to understand gameplay.  Awesome entry!

That took me a while.  To beat that last level, I actually had to take out Notepad and right down what each color was for its 3rd transition.  Super soothing music, went with the game very well.

Really cool game.  I just got done playing Bleed 2, which matches the colors (pink deflects pink etc) so I kept getting mixed up, but high score of 4650.  Not sure if that is good or not.  Hopefully some other people post their high scores so I can gauge how bad I am.

Fun music, great mechanics, and solid concept.  I hope you develop this further!

Just an explanation/reminder to how the ratings works.  Because the ratings are kept secret for the entire rating period (two weeks!), the only immediate feedback the jammers get is your comments.  So make sure to provide some positive feedback, some constructive criticism, and maybe even a screenshot of something you liked.

So far you guys have been a pretty great community on discord and in these forums, keep it up!

Really good job on this game.  I left the screen once on the second level and it did something weird and I had to start over, but other than that your game is fun, looks good, your dialogue is pretty funny, and the platforming is enjoyable (a little sticky at times).  Great start of something.  I look forward to you doing other jams and seeing your work!

Cover image is part of the itch.io webpage, which can be update to your hearts content.  

I like it, but I couldn't get the timed version to work.  I liked playing, but I really think I should have lost (or maybe 1/2 your points?) when I clicked the wrong one.  Losing just a point didn't seem like enough of a consequence.  Our psychology teacher does some lessons like this, would you mind if I shared it with him?

Fun idea, I wish I got to use more green blocks (though I get how that could have messed up balance issues for your puzzles).  With some sound and a few more levels this could be a pretty fun game.  Great job!

Fun game, animations look great.  I have only played one other timer-based-love-game, called the Love Letter.  I do wish I had more time, I really had to rush through the dialogue to find my love.  Maybe timer increases per ball, or pauses while reading?  Awesome entry though!

Pretty tried and true formula. Some colors were so close, damn that purple and slightly lighter purple (mauve?)

Great start, this could end up being something fun.

Splatoon in 2d.  Super fun music, totally goes with your whole premise.  It took me a couple of tries before I won, but now I wish there were more levels.  Awesome idea.  I would totally play local co-op of this with my 3yr old son.

Thanks for participating, the art looks awesome.  I know how stuck you got with bugs/new platform.

I am planning on doing this yearly.  So there will not be one for another 12 months.  Pre-Indie Game Jam 2 will probably be a week or two later in May next time.  Glad you enjoyed!  Hopefully you can compete in some other itch.io or Ludum Dare events to keep you busy until then.

Fun idea and nice use of the theme.  Pretty satisfying in the later levels to plan a path and platform there.  Overall, nice entry!

Really good game, drove me crazy not being able to use WASD (my arrow keys are SUPER small), but that is probably on me.  Fun take on the theme and great retro graphics.  I felt so proud finishing that last level, hopefully this isn't considered a spoiler.

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Great jam entry.  Took me more times to beat than I care to admit.  Did you make the music yourself, I am still humming it.  Overall, great job!

@Auer I'm glad to see you finished your game and posted it!

One will be voted on by my video game design class.  Kind of like a Teen Choice Awards for the Game Jam.  The other two are just Judges picks.  Whatever the two judges think they liked the best.

With only 39 I'm going to try and play them all. But I would make sure to hit 15+.

Created a new topic Games Are In! Now What?

It is time to rate the games!  Everyone who submitted a game, or is listed as a contributor, can now vote on the 39 games in the 6 voting categories.  There are 3 categories we have reserved for special judges, and they will be announced at the end.  Make sure to play, vote, and be constructive not reductive (with how well that rhymed, it has to be a self-help phrase somewhere).

72 hours (even when the Jam author screws up and gives everyone an extra 10 hours) isn't a long time, so I always try to rate games on the direction it was heading, its idea and execution overall, and whether it would be fun as a full release.  But, this is just my way of voting, the great part about a democratized voting event is that the will of the jammers will prevail.

Good luck!  Get playing.