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I really like the art! The vfx look great and awesome shader effects on the enemies. Wish I had more control over the weapon aiming and movement though.

Yup, switching to 1920x1080 fixed those issues! Got the witch now and liking the party system. Teammates do a good job at following me so far and don't seem to get stuck. Also like how you can split up the party and some areas require you to travel solo. I do think the witch's attacks could maybe have less of a cooldown? I found it hard to spend all my mana with the witch because she can't attack fast enough. Also, I like the bouncy shrooms and wind on the bridge but I think some visuals for the wind's current direction would help a lot. Maybe just some wind line particles? I like how drowning doesn't immediately kill you, it instead starts to drain your health over time.

Hey, sure! I am playing on Windows on an ultra-wide monitor using GTX 1070 and i7 8700k. If I have a controller plugged in (ps4 controller via USB), it seems like I can move using the joystick but then none of the other controls on ps4 seem to work. Additionally, with the controller plugged in, looks like F key to open door doesn't work.

If I unplug the controller, keyboard and mouse are working (not sure why it crashed yesterday, can't seem to reproduce). I do notice the UI is cutoff at the tops and bottoms like the fast travel menu, health UI, and inventory UI (most likely because of ultra-wide monitor).

Now that I got further, got to say I am liking the art style and music. The character movement also feels pretty good. I like the wall jumping but noticing that some walls don't allow for that (Ex. walls to the top left of first health potion) even though they look the same as the jump-able walls below. Maybe some visual cue on the wall to let the player know which walls can be wall-jumped? Having to drag item from inventory onto player in order to use it is a cool touch!

Could also be due to ultra-wide scaling but I wish I could see a bit more above the player. Maybe standing still and holding up should make the camera pan upwards a bit (and returns to normal when player lets go of up).

Just tried combat and it feels good. However, I feel like the player's attacks could be a bit more responsive. I think reducing the number of wind-up frames for the attack animations would help this. I think the attack is pretty much immediate but it feels a bit sluggish from the number of wind-up frames visually. (Think hollow knight where as soon as u press attack, his sword is already at full extension and rest of animation is just him pulling it back). 

Small detail, but I notice you can still move left and right after dying to the spikes. Also, if I jump and attack just before reaching the apex of the jump, it looks like my attack is never registered/executed (maybe an animation trigger that is being skipped somehow?).

Also, I reached the witch character Trist but after pressing F to speak with her, I seem to be stuck on that dialogue :( . Maybe there is some button that is cuttoff my screen due to ultra-wide resolution? But pressed most keys on keyboard and mouse and can't get out of the dialogue. I think the game is not crashed because I can still hear the music.

Overall, it's a fun game with cool art and music and platforming. Excited to see where this game goes!

It's definitely harder than Kirby LOL.

Tried to play game but crashed after I pressed F on the door in starting room :(

Extremely fun game. Even though I just controlled a red X on the ground I felt like I was doing a lot because of how many characters I influenced with that red X. Can't wait for full release.

Game was really fun! Reminds me of the old Contra and Metal Slug games. Tank was fun and loved the over-the-top explosions! I did find it hard to dodge enemy bullets on foot if the enemies were less than half a screen away. Some sort of roll dodge or dash would help this and add another layer to the gameplay/movement. I understand you probably meant to keep it retro style but after playing games like Enter the Gungeon, I think I'm spoiled by roll dash :P.

Hey! Actually, none of us have played Psychonauts before but after watching the video you linked, I can see why one could think so haha.

Yeah, thanks for the video! Awesome seeing how someone else plays/interprets our game!

This is incredible man!!! I had so much fun with this, specially the low gravity zone and using the slow-mode