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i hear you. Neat  visual style btw.

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using chrome, the initial navigation (comic strip) doesnt work unless I go into full screen mode. works fine once actually in teh game

... and now its 2am... Thanks BeepBox!

nice! very cool

One bug i've noticed, if you dont use the supplies right away, new ones can stack on top... which makes it hard to know what you are placing. being able to return an item back on the bottom bar after you select it would be nice too (especially if you are unfamiliar with the unit ranges)

212 points yeah boi

Spookstep is my jam :D

A quick video to show the basics

Hi folks. I was planning to post dev logs of my current project but haven't used itch before... so what better way to get familiar with it than publishing something i finished last year.

Knucklebone! A new take on match-3 puzzles... 70 levels of varying difficulty... some super hard, some super easy. (webgl available as well as free iOS/Android available from the app stores)

Here's a quick video of it, but the video's not too hot:

If it looks slightly up your alley, you might find the actual game is more appealing than the video ... so I invite you to give it a go.

Cheers ears