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Funny Cat Art & Game

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thank you friend! Your comment is encouraged to continue the project. hug

A very cool game idea! It reminds one of the Atari classics. I felt in some challenge of the movie Player Number 1. The time of the shield could be a little more elongated, but I liked it. It is worth continuing the project.

I loved this game! An authentic Boss Rush. It's a bit uncalled for, but understandable by the deadline. The learning curve could be more tenuous, but I liked it. He fitted the controls super good, surprising me with his creativity in adapting the limitations of jam. I liked the chart of the boats. Maybe a bit polluted, but with a backdrop in the background would add a special touch. I missed a HUD. Very good soundtrack, just missing effects. Please continue the project. Put some m

Mixing music rhythm with gameplay is the great asset of this game. You could think of varying other musical rhythms with other sequences of roles. It would be some kind of Guitar Hero from the  stamps hahahahah! I loved this!

A good study, but escaped the proposal and the limitations. You make good use of the minimap, something that is not so simple to do. I suggest in jams try to follow the proposals to challenge yourself and try to do something out of the comfort zone.

Interesting your game! It has great potential to continue to develop. I liked the idea of changing the color of the shot and the cube, but I would leave either one or the other, the two more switching mechanics of the mouse movement makes it a bit confusing. It's very punitive, but with a little gauge it can get even better. Congratulations! if you can evaluate my game too. It's BOSSMOJI. Hug!

Amazing this game! Despite having run away from the theme a bit, it was a fun game. With great art, it has great potential to grow. I really liked the applied mechanics, it was very different. The level design was well crafted too. Congratulations! Invest in sound and art now. It has some bugs too: when it collides with the thorn it gives a variable error and has to close the game and after playing several times I think there is some variable that is not resetting that ends up giving the game crash too. Good job!

I liked this game. Simple control and objective. You can limit the mouse strokes to within the game. Sometimes I  outside and the window closed. The fish phase is very punitive, but I enjoyed the experience. If you can vote for my game it is also BOSSMOJI. Hug!

Amazing!!!! This game is very good! It's a complete Atari game. Perfect your job. Sound, graphics, concept, controls...this is an example of where less is more. Simple but originaly. Congratulation.  If you can, rate my game too. Is the BOSSMOJI.

Zerk thank you very much for your comment! this encourages you to continue the project. your perception of controls and aim show me that they can be better calibrated and who knows how to insert some kind of aim / guide line ... I'll think about it. Big hug for vou!

Thanks for your comment! It's good that you can have fun with the game. As for music, this composer does a really cool job. I really like his creations and I always bring him to my projects. As for controls, would you have any suggestions? This return is very important to me. thank you!

thank you friend! It was really cool reading your feedback. I tried to make a control that was not similar to the WASD precisely because of the limitation. Glad you pleased. also wanted the game to have a beginning, middle and end, even being a short game. And the song really the guy that composes is incredible. I really like the work he does. Thank you again!

thank you friend! I really tried my best to make it a game with a beginning, a middle and an end. Thanks for the feedback and I think of continuing to explore mini stories interspersed with different levels of gameplay. thanks again

I liked this game! I loved the art (hahahaha, simple, but with its identity). There is some bug because some cases the game starts, but nothing happens. I needed to restart again some times. The game is a genuine Boss Rush! I didn't like the controls because the same WASD, but using TFGH. Congratulations for job! If you can, rate my game too. Is BOSSMOJI

Good Job! Godot is amazing (I studied a few about this engine, but I'm not use Godot. You could to put some music for better. Congratulations. If you can, rate my game too. Is BOSSMOJI. Thanks. 

I really liked this game (and I'm not really into that type of game), but I could see something genuine and identity. For me this is a game already in beta and can easily find your audience. Please continue the project. For me there is only something in the gameplay that is bothering me that I can not say for sure what it is. I do not think you need the space key to get the power ups. It would leave without this necessity to be able to leave the game more fluid. Getting stopped squeezing and picking up power is not cool. Maybe push to activate or use when the player wants, so would invest in an inventory. The music is perfect. I got to understand what you did with the theme, but boss rush follows almost as a "genre" game, but you did a good read. Well, that's it! If you can, vote for me too. It's BossMoji.

Congratulations on the delivery of your game and for risking a first game in this engine. Even though it was a prototype, I missed a sound feedback and the art could have followed the same line: or everything pixel art, or everything flat, or everything drawing on the paper (loved the boss hahaha). I would place the timer on the top HUD. I also suggest calibrating the jump better or making it clear that a jetpack. Also puts the controls at the beginning so the player knows what to do. It took me a while to test the buttons to know which one was a jump. Again, congratulations on the work! If you can, evaluate mine too. It's BOSSMOJI

Interesting proposal. It has the potential to continue development. I felt lack of sound and visual feedback (eg life indicator). I could have explored the 3D environment as well and not keep moving on only two axes. I loved self-destruct! hahahaha

Good job! I liked your game and his proposal. I really liked the idea of the needle changing color and you have to burst the balloons according to it. I suggest you put in some sound effect that indicates that the needle has changed color. I recommend looking for someone to develop their own art to give an identity to the game. You can keep the same mechanics and vary the scenarios to give the game more breath. I liked the background music. Continue the project. I just thought you ran away from it, but that's it.

Hello dev! I know what is take care a daughter during the jam, it's hard! So, congratulations for your job. I didn't understand the objective but I think you used well the limitation this jam. You can explore the history when there is a few time and the game is short. If you could, rate my game in this jam, please. Is the BOSSMOJI. See you, 

good game. promising. I think that the difficulty may be more progressive and put a legal HUD! Rate may game please

I realy lovely this game! Rate may game please!

Fala pessoal! Curti muito a temática meio Indiana Jones e esse lance do bumerangue! A música tá muito da hora e dá uma adrenalina boa. Como jogador, eu queria mais velocidade na caminhada da personagem. Ele me pedia mais ação e eu não conseguia dar para ele. Eu tiraria a aceleração e desaceleração (ou reduziria bem). Deixaria mais "durão mesmo". Faria o mesmo com o pulo. Acredito que não deu tempo de fazer a animação de pulo, mas ficará legal. Uma coisa também é com relação aos controles que conflitam e anulam a animação. Por exemplo, se pula e aperta para caminhar ao mesmo tempo ele fica só na animação de Idle, aí fica aquele personagem andando na tela mas com animação parada. Continua o projeto que tá bacana. Se puderem, avaliem o meu tb Abç!

promising idea. Pacman has something in that game and enjoyed it. I missed sound and a HUD, but it is promising. If you can, you evaluate mine too:

Great Job! A like this animation! Rate my game, please!

I really loved this game! The art and sound are perfect! I loved this sound! I confused a bit in the gameplay with the buttons, but I believe that by not being too conventional for me, but does not diminish the game experience. If you can, evaluate my game, please:

I played with my nephew and play for a good time playing against each other. Implement an oriental soundtrack and allow the player vs PC mode will be something nice!

I enjoyed this game! The exchange of dreams in the gameplay is really cool! Improve the graphics and correct minor collision bugs!