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I love the game right now. made me get into rythem games =) only problem is that It feels a bit uncomfortable using the arrow keys or wasd. The problem with it is that the arrow keys are too narrow and i'm not left handed so wasd is hard to use.

What I'm proposing is add a settings menu or something where you can change your keybinds or at least add "AS-KL", "QW-OP", or even "ZX-NM" as viable keys. It's usually used in other games and would make FNF easier to play.

can this be downloaded via sidequest?

woww, i got 19.

really nce gamee

thank you. Perfect answer.


ok, cool

how the FREAK did you implement momentum?

aw, you're making me feel bad for roombas now. ;(

PB & Game Jam 2 community · Created a new topic Prizes?

Will there be prizes for the winners? like for instance a drawing or sprite?

hm ok.

By beginner friendly, what do you mean? Is there going to be a rule/regulation that makes things easier?

it takes your mouse when you delete one of it's tabs or when you poke him.

it takes your mouse to like an inch or more to the edge of the screen and just lets go.

Those people are actual people who need help. if somebody says "How do I get the goose to go away" what do you say? Oh wait! I know "That's not a funny joke". When you have a problem with something and you genuinely don't know how to fix it, what do you do? YOU ASK THE CREATOR OR THE COMMUNITY which is what these people are doing! You saying "That's not a funny joke" DOES NOT HELP.


Ah! I see you need to kill me now.

Yes, I do.

Ah but you see, I do not want to fight, How about some gin rummy instead.

...hmm, sure.



*opens third eye*

this seems really cool but I cant get it because I'm afraid the ambient lighting is going to destroy my puny laptop PC.

(1 edit)

please, try to find some human decency in yourself and find another way to vent or whatever reason you bully people for. btw nobody goes out of their way to emotionally hurt you, they are literally trying to defend themselves from what you said to them

If you are depressed seek help! do not go on bullying people and making them feel bad for reasons they do not deserve to feel bad for. Please, learn to respect other people and most importantly, learn to respect yourself!!! If you truly do have depression, then I am sorry, but you cannot do this to people. they come here to play games, have fun and talk to people in the comment section who are nice. Saying "That's not a funny joke" to comment that are obviously not a joke or comments that other people may find funny is unnecessary!!! say it with me: UNNECESSARY.

Wait wait... do you hear that?

It's the winds of nobody asked!

I wonder what else wasn't a joke. Hmmm maybe the 99999 other messages you sent just to bully other people in the (Less than a month mind you) time period that you had your account.


or you hold esc. It takes a while (about 30 seconds) but it lets you evict the goose without having to go into its files

That's not a funny joke.

and before you say "OOOOOOOH SALTY SALTY" YES! I am salty, because you have the balls to go on this site and bully people who have done nothing wrong to you.

I just looked at all your comments.

Imagine creating an account just for the purpose of bullying people, and telling then that their jokes (Which are not jokes) are not funny.

nvm, he sucks. He caused my computer to crash. I hate him.

it'd be cool if you turned the enemies into a zombie looking person that's obviously sleep deprived and in need of the coffee way more than you are but you still wont give it up because it's the last cup of coffee on earth and you will enjoy every last sip.

this looks simultaneously like a game on coolmathgames and a game your 1st grade math teacher would tell you to play.

this is the most intense game I have ever played in my life. 5/5 stars. and i'm glad to say the GOOSE I did NOT LOSE!

Ah, so you're the cryptic type. hmmm.

i guess that too.

top ten reasons the goose is NOT an asshole

1. Even though the goose takes your cursor, it always gives it back.

2. When the duck tracks mud on your screen, it always cleans it up.

3. the goose is always happy to play with you.

4. it constantly gives you good messages like a typed goose or "Good work"

5. It gives you nice memes to keep your spirits up.

6. that's all, I cant think of anything else, i'll never get to ten.

you're right, I'm wrong. the boxes ARE grey.

is there even a game? if so it better be the best shi- I've ever played in my life.

10/10 I loved it. Beautiful art style, fluid gameplay, i'm just a little confused with the ending.

evict goose NO!

not to be dramatic or anything but I would give my life for him. btw I've named him dave.