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top ten reasons the goose is NOT an asshole

1. Even though the goose takes your cursor, it always gives it back.

2. When the duck tracks mud on your screen, it always cleans it up.

3. the goose is always happy to play with you.

4. it constantly gives you good messages like a typed goose or "Good work"

5. It gives you nice memes to keep your spirits up.

6. that's all, I cant think of anything else, i'll never get to ten.

(+5) can play with it by making it go in circles when it is trying to take your mouse

7. freaking derpy

8.Its the people that just have a negative mindset

9. keeps me from going insane

10. keeps me on my feet if I don't want my cursor taken


i guess that too.


you're welcome. :)


nvm, he sucks. He caused my computer to crash. I hate him.




that isn't a funny joke

its not a joke.