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Fun Sewer Level

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Hey thank you so much for playing!

The Reputation points you accumulate can be spent to rank up in the Guild. On the top right opens a menu and you can dump reputation points into the big circular reputation coin on the right. 

Released a game today, Alchemy Swordsmith is a chill randomized sword crafting game you can play in your desktop browser for free!

Tapping the number keys to the corresponding food item both switches and eats the food item. One press is essentially chomping on the food, as you continue to chomp on the food the representation of the food on the character should change to show that it’s being eaten. It takes a several presses for the popcorn but if you keep chomping on the food the item will disappear along with a bell sound to signify you finished it.

Thanks for playing, let me know if this worked for you.  

Sorry I think that may be the lack of clarity on the instructions, try tapping the food buttons.

Did you take your mask off before eating? You can equip and unequip the mask with Q.

Hey everyone! Just released FINE TIME FOR A MOVIE, it's a game about returning to the theaters in the middle of a pandemic! You play as a randomized movie goer with a set of wants. You find your and enjoy your movie snacks while trying your best not to get COVID from the rest of the audience. If things go right you'll leave a great review for the movie and maybe even a 5 star review? Play through multiple times to complete challenge cards and you'll unlock the secret ending!


Thanks for playing!