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Hello there,

My name is Josten and I am developing a Bara Dating Simulator Called Fraternity. I'm looking for a small team of people with ample time on their hands to help make a demo/ proof of concept.  This job is will require the following:

  • Access and Use of the Service Paypal
  • A detailed history of your prior experience/proof of work
  • Good source of communication [Email, Discord, etc.]
  • A knowledge of VN programming software [Ren'py, J Edit, etc.]

What is Fraternity?

College is a time of self discovery. A place to experience things outside of one's comfort zone and create memories that last for life time. But, what happens when you're forced into a situation that you knew nothing about? Welcome to Fraternity! A Gay/Bara visual novel dating simulator about the trials and tribulations of college. Partying, 8 am classes, and Student Loan Debt! You play as a loner who is forced into their father's older Fraternity. Although extreme, your father's intentions are good: being more social and making friends. Will you allow yourself to do so? Or will you stay in your ways?

If you are interested please contact me at my email: Arcadestarbusiness@gmail or my Discord: FujoshiTrash#2193

the controls are a bit too sensitive and the text goes by a little too fast cause of this.  Regardless, Darnell's peen got me hooked 

Lucy Got Problems is a Ecchi visual novel that follows the many ramblings of a demon agent(spy?) that is trying to impress her commander/senpai/love interest in order to see her panties.

Throughout the demo she tries to find a specific artifact and gets lost on the way. Even though she has no idea what she is doing she is a confident and cheerful person ever throughout the demo. Her ramblings can go on a bit too long and need to be condensed shortly.

Played the demo and loved it. Although the music did cut out on me at one point.

I also need coach in my life 😩❤

I also made a video

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#BlackAnimeGirlMagicMy edges were SNATCHED!

The racial diversity in this game was amazing! The story is very interesting and I feel the execution is going well. Comedy is flawless, there are many points in this VN that will have you screaming.

I must thank the GD for making such a beautiful black female protagonist. You are showing girls who look like Valerie and love anime are being represented and that's what I love the most.

Thank you so much for making this great Vn


I also made a video on this game if you don't have the time to read it:

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Oh no, please don't think im one of those crazy overly sensitive religious nuts who hate seeing same sex relationships. I myself am into the same sex, but I just thought that Treat was a boy at the start.

And yes, I should apologize and I should have worded myself better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Treat being either male or female because love is love regardless. I just hope I did not offend you in any way

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Well, this game was something entirely different then what I expected. I kept relating the story with real life events such as segregation in America and how Mochi kept using certain words to refer to wolves as they if they were "out of this world beings from outer space". I enjoyed this and I hope you make more of these in the future

(P.S. This isn't a complaint, but I thought Treat was a boy. I was kinda upset she came out to be a girl. The shipping would have been so real with these two TT-TT)

Video Here

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Well I have to say this game is something I wasn't expecting it to turn out to be. When I saw 18+ I was expecting a few pictures here and there. But what I saw was amazing! I won't spoil it here, but sir and or madam please continue this game!

Hello Everyone,

Before I start I just want to say when I did the first Let's Play of this game, it was a very successful video and it still is. The view count is going up each and everyday thanks to you guys!

So I was told by the Developer there was an update for the game and a new character was implanted. So many things have been changed but I wont spoil it here


Hello Everyone,

So I don't know if this is against the rules of making a post like this on these fourms; but, I made a Let's Play of Tarjes Fatais.

Video Here:

There is a bit of an audio de-sync with the game. I tried not to harp on it since it is still a work in progress. Anyways I hope you enjoy!

So a temmie dating sim? I'm into this! I actually read it on my channel :D


I made a Let's Play of this game. I found this game to be really enjoyable, but those people...those rude-ass people...I will have vengence.