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Originally I made this for mobiles, but it was too slow for my mobile device, with its use of shaders. So I thought a HTML5 game would be a better way to share it. I make many games for Android all free and without adverts and there is even windows tools for developers. So please feel free to check out my other stuff. I may even release some of my other Android achievements to windows.

It uses bullet physics for the cars movement like many of the classic games utilized.  So it should give you the retro feel of a classic game. I never was happy with the way gyroscopes/joysticks etc worked with this game so I have left it with keyboard controls. Keeping the oldskool look I also left the colours very basic, keeping the file size small etc  

Most of the time the cars behave as they should but sometimes when you get nudged by one of the other opponents when they are at speed and you are under breaking or going very slow, will cause problems with steering.

I hope you enjoy the game :)

A very well polished game, and a great addition to any retro loving gamer, with awesome pixelated graphics and amazing gameplay. A must for any collection, why not make a small donation instead of that coffee you purchase at the local coffee shop, and help developers like this one go on and produce more titles for your enjoyment.

I was lucky enough to get to play this game and see it through its development cycle. Allot of work has gone into polishing the final product producing a very good pixel art game in 3D. 

If your after a classic style low resolution game, This is the game for you, there is obviously allot of work gone into perfecting the gameplay and the graphics is quite amazing considering the sizes it was drawn in, and has some flashy parts. For the price of a cup of coffee what a bargain.