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Fantastic and original concept, not much of a shooter gameplayer myself but enjoyed the game.

I have an idea in mind, but the problem being it uses most of kenney assets for the bulk of it, but I need to use some assets that are not kenney ones is it still worth submitting

Cute match n memory game. (I think with my memory I needed hints)

Cute little game.

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They're perfect for water needs, The only thing extra ide like to see is having the different waters in seperate images for animation purposes. 

Looked great and loved the concept

Loved it PSY, great game play just like the original 

I wish I had read that first, its ok the game looks superb, I feel for the web/html version that its missing a full screen button, but that may be because I got shooter errors popping up in the right side of screen. The game seemed to play well apart from that and im looking forward to further development of this type.

I loved civilization the only gripe I had was you needed to remember so many keys, still yet to play your variation which looks well polished and the jams you've submitted to might've helped gain experience in polishing such a program. Best of luck

Cute Cartoonish appeal, the instructions on your page could be a little more descriptive in English, im glad i got a chance to play it even tho i didnt quite understand, and wish you good-luck.

Great looking game, If I'm not mistaken makes use of some great shader work as well. A rather large download unfortunately but often the best games are.

I was lucky to try this during early development and it just kept getting better. Fantastic :)

A very old game c-bots (familiar) source code standard c, shared worldwide, there was a code people could use and supply with the robots that had a very simple logic that they went into an arena and fort it out. Haven't seen the game for a few years but the logic behind it I have tried to recreate as it's similar to the processing of logic DOS used for its instruction set, and the Atari ST had a fantastic logic using gate technology. look up C-robots :)  

We know when this was first started Blink, a very good team was formed but the old too many cowboys and not enough Indian's was true in this case, The shaders and the rendering engine really completed what always as going to be a great product.

Awesome I intend to donate a bit more for your work than previously have done, certainly never helps that a person cannot go back to an old purchase and donate later

I cannot purchase or download this tool from this screen, so wondering why it has the add tool to collection option. This tool was one ide liked or set aside later to purchase at a later date.

Looks great& the molecular puzzling experience is original enough appeared a little like a game called bots 

I still think you have done really well a couple of things I noted, <1 with drawing a perfect circle of the same proportional thickness (math problem) drawing lines inward same thickness at 45 degree angles particularly causes problems on one of the reverse sides even when not mirrored. 2>A personal issue I found the mtl files exported misses some conventional details still, I managed to repair this problem using another tool selecting all faces of front side applying uv single sided planar mapping to the front texture map in ultimate unwrap. I have created objects from code before and knew by looking at the material file altho it works for some software, I prefer to use the older format obj and mtl. I love your software and I understand the mathematical challenges it causes and thought that may help in your beta becoming a future release sooner if I provided good feedback. Thanks for what you provide to the community particular the gaming community many of them really think your the best :) 

I also loved the update the ability to turn off front and back editing is fantastic. The addition of shapes is nice, personally I find shapes kinda a mathematical nightmare. rather than shapes I would like the ability to import larger images and possibly a side view. Why because I draw in numbers this is  perfect tool for that and having a computer science degree also have made a land editing, building tool part of a 3d racing game where I use some of the model collections Ive purchased off of you. The point and conclusions I'm making the importing exporting and block part is the essence of your program and for that I have to say your a mathematical marvel and that's and good look I think this project could go big time commercial, but keep it simple.

I think its a great program. The main feature ide like to see added is the choice of one/two way extrusion. And then possibly a feature for later as i find im making models in parts for added versatility if i could assemble these without other software that would be great :) great software of course :) 

cute little game it didnt seem to like explorer or bing and had to run in chrome but might be why theres not many ratings

cool game

Great first game, was a little hard to control i found but that might be just me good luck :)

Great concept but the rotating all the time causes motion sickness to someone that has never had a problem with it :) best of luck

Like the concept of mixing two classics like that into one game. Having loading troubles due to the amount of people who must be downloading on itch so will try again later.

love it :)

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Tip: travel slowly and destroy enemy turrets before advancing too far :) Full AGK source including all media is also available in one of "The game creators game packs" along with many other full sourced programs.

Still needs work even for the jam but please feel free to browse my other free collection on my page

Never played the original and hence found it quite hard to keep the cursor out of trouble spots, challenging gameplay but yet rewarding

Originally I made this for mobiles, but it was too slow for my mobile device, with its use of shaders. So I thought a HTML5 game would be a better way to share it. I make many games for Android all free and without adverts and there is even windows tools for developers. So please feel free to check out my other stuff. I may even release some of my other Android achievements to windows.

I was lucky enough to get to play this game and see it through its development cycle. Allot of work has gone into polishing the final product producing a very good pixel art game in 3D.