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Nothing ever happens after entering my name...
Just cant figure out what to do.

I really like the transforming of your main character.

Awesome idea!
Its just really sad that the experience only lasts for like 3 seconds.
I honestly dont even know why I died

i really like the idea of the game and would love to see more interactions,was not able to see much because "open" is crashing the game

Really good submission. Like the style and the idea : )

You have not much of a choice in the game. Afer playing for a while, you realize that it is more luck than skill, you have not yet lost.
But for a bit of time, a fun game.

A fullscreen button would have been useful.

Besides that, a very funny time killing game : )

Thats what she said

I like cookies, too

really interesting levels, would be perfect with music

punch punch block bite PUNCH!

I like the music!

65 eZ

10 people screaming, one dude pressing space.

I had fun for at least 10 000 ms!!!

Looking forward to see this on YouTube! :)

This is really fun! Cool sounds you made!