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Good idea, i'll add it! contact me on discord if i dont

Ill try to include it in my next update, but it will probably take a while

No, thank you!

Also let me know if the pack is missing anything :)

We did talk about sitting down and fleshing out the details, hopefully we can get to it sooner rather than later :)

Hey, i replied on discord, so we can keep the discussion there if its okay with you :)

Sure, add me on discord and we can talk, or ask on the discord server

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The background/parallax pieces are there, but i forgot to add the flag, thanks for reminding me, I'll update it now

Hey, thanks for asking :) I've updated the post and added props and animations screenshots :)

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Hello Alanerd, thanks for playing and thank you for the video!

Yes, the ending is sudden, and the reason is simply we didn't have enough time in the 48 hour jam :(
The game was submitted 3 minutes before the deadline and we could only cram so much in it.


Thanks for playing :)

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We didn't have time for level 4 :P

Thank you!