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So far the game is good, while the writing in some spots is a bit iffy, most of the time it's pretty decent, though I think you could nerf Pierce a bit, I found myself spamming it every fight because how good it was.

Though, my favorite moment is probably the final fight because I actually had to strategize instead of spamming Pierce and the cliffhanger was done well.

Hope to see more of this!


_process is always running and with _input you need to add a Input there (ex: pressing a key), I would look in the godot docs to look at the input types.

Hey, the OBJs and FBX files for the guns aren't in the zip, only the model in the screenshot is in the zip

Thank you! I don't really have a preferred way of being credited, you can put a link if you want.

01's Blackhole is a singleplayer 2D top-down bullet-hell RPG about the main character, Jack being sucked into a blackhole after trying to look for help. Jack now has to fight and find his way back home and stop who's making the blackholes.


Thanks for the compliment!

Thanks for the feedback, that's one thing I should really change after the jam.
Thank you for playing!

Thanks for the feedback, I'll most likely change the movement after the jam is finished and try to change the bullet color, thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback, I did find that bug myself but I couldn't find a way to fix unfortunately.
Thanks for playing though!

The game is fun and has really nice art and audio, but there should be a little bit of feedback when you get hit

I like the art, but it does feel pretty cheap that the player doesn't have any eye frames after dying and it really doesn't fit the theme. Still a good game

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I suggest when you try to advertise yourself, to not say I'm bad or I'm not good cause if you don't think you're good, why would someone want you on their team?

Is there anywhere to listen to the OST?

I really like this game, but the level with the pillars and the 2nd boss is way too hard, I think its a bit dumb that he can still kill you even when he's down causing some situations where I'm stuck in the hallway and he's blocking the room

Why and where?

Are you sure you didnt take it from the 10th anniversary website? jk this is pretty good. are you working on this still? 

What Do You Mean

Its Pretty Good I Have to Say