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fruit friend

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no, but we are big fans of pico-8 and used its colour palette :)

ah that's a shame! if we manage to find a solution i'll message you x

thank you for trying to play! we've had that problem too, but can't seem to find any solution that works on other pc's :/ did you get round it?

thank you very much! no, it was Unity for this game :)

curly was made in Twine which is free for you to make things too! (and runs in your browser)

another incredible looking game! can't wait to try this out!

😍thank you very much! thank you for playing!!!

this is wonderful, and so nicely put! thank you and good luck with your project!🥰

another awesome part!

hey thank you for playing!!!

and thank you for the bug report! looking into this now :)

hehehe thank you🍓

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thank you 🥰

amazing work!!!!!! thank you so much and thank you for playing beatrate!

just uploaded version 1.4 which hopefully allows your switch pro and bluetooth controllers to work <3

can't wait!!! :)

fantastic video! thank you both so much! i love watching you play through😍

hey thank you!!! and thanks for letting us know about these issues - we'll try and have them fixed in the next patch :)

we didn't test with a switch pro controller (think we might have a fix anyhow) but wireless should be fine hmm.

works with keyboard and gamepad at the same time, but not sure if you have lots of controllers plugged in.

thanks for mentioning the mouse capture, looking into that now :)

thanks again for playing🍐❤️

thank you!!!!!!!!

yeah! well, keyboard WASD to move and Z to shoot :)

don't need a gamepad to play :)

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Hey! We just released our first big project today!✨

Our game is pear potion🍐which is a cute little metroidvania with challenging combat and witches 🧙🍐

The game is short, shooty, and has lots of magical fruit and friendly npcs and talking frogs!

Here's the trailer and some gifs of the game!

If you think it looks cool check it out! The page is

Thanks so much,
fruit friend and Chris Vel

amazing video! thank you so much! just messaged on twitter, but you can press z to switch direction of the second player to catch the strawberries! so sorry this wasn't said anywhere better!

thank you for downloading and giving it a go - i'll try and re-write the instructions this week to be clearer ❤️

thank you for playing!!!

thank you!!!!!!!!! 🥰

thank you for the lovely words!🐛🐛🐛and wow really great score, well done :D <3

thank you!!! so happy you liked it <3 :D

we used unity <3 :)

it's the pico8 palette <3 its super nice to work with <3

the big summer fruit one? that was me! i'm so incredibly happy that you like it so much <3

good score!

thank you very very much for playing and enjoying <3

yeah i wonder if there is a better way we could have done the turning.

thanks so much for the feedback and for playing <3 <3 <3

thank you very very much! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

yay omg mr.boyfriend great job!!!! and thank you so much for playing!!!