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awesome I'll be looking forward to them 

awesome on a side note though i wanted to ask are or will there be elves and other fantasy species in the game? aside from the monster ones of course

oh damn that actually worked! thanks dude 

thank you for the fast reply ill try to do that

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Hi i really like the theme of the game and the models heck i even like the goblin girls which i never thought i would also scenery of the game itself is beautiful and i love the femdom fetish but i have some issues namely lag the menu runs smoothly but then in the demon queen's room it gets laggy a bit but after you get teleported  the game just becomes unplayable for me any idea how to deal with this? i also tried saving and restarting but it wont work 

loving the game so far especially kali and the other elves will you add the tall elf senri was her name i think? also how do you buy the supplies for nia i don't seem to see it on the pc

Awesome! looking forward to the release i hope there will be more places to visit and more girls to romance if that's in your plan great game btw really got me hooked

hi do you plan to make this available on steam?

hi there first of all love the game and great job theres this bug that when im coming back from getting the herbs for a sick woman at the start of the game that when i go into the academy it just restarts the ceremony all over again just wanted to let you peeps know

No problem I really enjoy the game it's unique and it's what I've been looking for I'm looking forward to it's release on steam and great job to you and all the creators and though it was hard to choose I just couldn't resist jadya she's so freaking cute anyway once again great game and great job also on what I meant on maisy's body is I think it's actually the clothing the black Jacket I mean I think it's a bit too realistic? At least when I see what the others are wearing though that's just my opinion bad it's not really a problems anyway you're welcome and cya

ho ho ill be looking forward to it dude keep up the good work

well firstly lemme say this the game is absolutely awesome like how your choices do have an impact on the lives of the three girls tbh i was quite nervous with some of the choices cause damn i love them all so much and normally choosing who to spent time with or something is easy the game really makes you think about what you're gonna do cause of its consequences i often found myself racking my brain on what would happen if i did this and that and honestly i loved it you(creators)  really made them all likable and the way the story is damn its so good although i'm quite disappointed in the cliffhanger though that only adds to my hype for the game now onto the recommendations firstly i feel that maisy's  body doesn't quite match her face but maybe that's just the angle where shes looking second some of the choices i feel are too straightforward or kinda sounds like well i wouldn't call it pressure but you know pressed or something like its telling me that"you need to know who you like now" well that's just my opinion and i wont call it a problem but some choices really puts you in the spot for no i reason at least that's what i think now because its not complete yet anyway the last thing i wanna see is if we will get to see stu or grace be a future choice for syd maybe in a dlc or smth oh also another one sprites for all the characters i guess that'd be cool well in any case i'm really looking forward to the full game also sorry if the review doesn't quite make sense? haha  well that's it great work to all of you btw its obvious that a lot has been put into the game anyway cya

no problem dude but hey if you do complete the game I hope you'll put it in steam I can't use patreon or any other platform to support the game instead of steam haha anyway you're welcome going to look forward to the next update

Just finished the game and I loved it the artwork is great with a few more touches it'll be beautiful and like I said before some problems with the grammar, spacing and spelling but nothing that won't make you understand the game and love it also when I complete the quest from the guild they don't seem to give the reward that was said also I don't know where to sell the diamond (but I guess that'll be for another update) and the main thing I found problematic was that it took too long to do well most things because of how you can only do a few things or day maybe it'll help by adding something like an energy bar like in summertime saga also an inventory or smth like that and a place to buy stuff to replenish energy yep sorry got carried away there I'm not expecting high level stuff like you said you're only one person and while i may not be able to donate to patreon due to issues if you put the game on steam once it has a lot more content I'll be sure to buy it I really hope that Scarlett and the general Talia and eve play  a larger role in the game well that's it i loved it especially the animation on the dwarf cave or smth really great the last thing I'd recommend is adding music while just playing the game like exploring, checking the map you know trivial stuff to make it a lot better well again that's it keep up the good work dude

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Hi I haven't really gotten too far into the game but somethings I've noticed we're some grammar errors nothing too serious ones like a line where what was said was "send" instead of "sent" and not adding punctuation on some lines such as question marks also I think you have to add spacing after commas before starting a new sentence again sorry I'm not that good with Grammar either Some things I'd recommend is using this ' rather than " when the character has an inner monologue  also the names of the characters are above the text box so you might wanna fix that if you can you should also Change the color of the letters for the back, history, skip, auto etc. Options so it can be easier to see the last one is the spelling for "aren't" I guess yep that's it

So far I'm loving the game a few improvements on the art adding of sounds and fixing other errors and I think this could be great as of right now I like the teacher Scarlett anyway that's all I'll try to send more feedback when I can great job btw