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just a feedback

A topic by Frotty_09 created Mar 21, 2020 Views: 136 Replies: 3
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well firstly lemme say this the game is absolutely awesome like how your choices do have an impact on the lives of the three girls tbh i was quite nervous with some of the choices cause damn i love them all so much and normally choosing who to spent time with or something is easy the game really makes you think about what you're gonna do cause of its consequences i often found myself racking my brain on what would happen if i did this and that and honestly i loved it you(creators)  really made them all likable and the way the story is damn its so good although i'm quite disappointed in the cliffhanger though that only adds to my hype for the game now onto the recommendations firstly i feel that maisy's  body doesn't quite match her face but maybe that's just the angle where shes looking second some of the choices i feel are too straightforward or kinda sounds like well i wouldn't call it pressure but you know pressed or something like its telling me that"you need to know who you like now" well that's just my opinion and i wont call it a problem but some choices really puts you in the spot for no i reason at least that's what i think now because its not complete yet anyway the last thing i wanna see is if we will get to see stu or grace be a future choice for syd maybe in a dlc or smth oh also another one sprites for all the characters i guess that'd be cool well in any case i'm really looking forward to the full game also sorry if the review doesn't quite make sense? haha  well that's it great work to all of you btw its obvious that a lot has been put into the game anyway cya


Hey, thanks so much for all the amazing feedback - and for taking the time to come and tell me your thoughts! Let me address all your points below :)

- I'm glad the choices are abundant and help you feel free!
- I'm super happy to hear you love all of the game's heroines, and that choosing between them all is hard. I definitely don't want it to be easy for people to allocate their time!
- Sorry to hear the cliffhanger has you waiting, but at least you can look forward to the game's full release!
- Maisy's body not matching her face? Interesting... I haven't heard that before but I will keep it in mind :)
- Ah, I can see how the choices might feel pressured or forceful. Don't worry! I understand that the choices can be scary, and some of them are and will affect the game's path permanently, but as far as "choosing" between all the girls - none of the choices yet lock anyone in or out of the running to be Syd's romantic partner. At least... not yet. Choices late into the game, the last "week", week 9, is when all those big decisions are getting made. Those chices are just to help players get ready and reall be put in Syd's shoes, as he will eventually need to make his final decisions :)
- Stuart is getting a rather expanded role as a side character, i can promise that. Grace has her own secret questline - but no dedicated hang-out. We can see about that later if the demand is there once the game is out!
- Sprites for side characters like Syd's parents, and many other parents too, would be lovely. They're something that I may have to do post-launch though. The sprite artist has moved onto another project now, so I would need to get another artist - and that can be an issue in itself too. I will keep this suggestion in mind though!

Thank you for the support, and for taking the time to tell me all your thoughts! It is all very appreciated!

I totally got what you meant, and understood everything you said too so don't worry! :)

Thanks again,


No problem I really enjoy the game it's unique and it's what I've been looking for I'm looking forward to it's release on steam and great job to you and all the creators and though it was hard to choose I just couldn't resist jadya she's so freaking cute anyway once again great game and great job also on what I meant on maisy's body is I think it's actually the clothing the black Jacket I mean I think it's a bit too realistic? At least when I see what the others are wearing though that's just my opinion bad it's not really a problems anyway you're welcome and cya


Hahaha, I am just glad you're looking forward to the full release

It's pretty hard to say not Jayda's charm! She's so honest and lovely, it's hard not to love her.

Thanks heaps!