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Thank you so much for the comment! You are not the only one having trouble understanding the camera controls.

Glad to see another father, since i released the demo I have actually graduated and got a full time job, so now I have even less time for game development :P

But! I'm currently refactoring all my code to make multiplayer work. So it looks like it will be a coop game in the end.

Thanks for the feedback! Reading about your bugs makes me know exactly why they are happening actually, I just never thought about it when I programmed it... I will try to fix them until the next version.

About the controls, I have seen more people having a hard time grasping them. I think it has mostly to do with me being so used to them as i have been playing my own game for about a year now. I will definitely try to make it more user friendly, both the controls and the tutorials. The tutorials was a last minute addition to not make it super hard for new player to know what to do in the beginning.

Thank you for taking your time to write this! I greatly appreciate it!

Finally! After one year of learning Unity and Blender, I have finally released the Demo of Devoroth.

The game is an open-world fantasy RPG where you explore the island of Thaerendar. 

I estimate the Demo to have at least 2 hours of content for a new player. If you try out the game I would love to hear what you think of it.
The feedback I get from the demo will greatly influence how I move forward in the development.

Hello all!

I now feel confident enough to announce the release of the Devoroth Demo on April 24!
Devoroth is an Open World Single-Player Fantasy Role-playing game.
Set in the high fantasy world of Devoroth. The player sets out on a epic adventure to explore the world and fight of a yet unknown threat.

This is very exciting news for me as you will finally be able to play what I have been working on for almost a year. Keep in mind however that this is the first game I ever released publicly. So expect there to be bugs and inconsistencies. I look forward to all your feedback on the game and what you would like to see added or changed.