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Hi, there is no demo that reflects the current release. I do have public builds of the upcoming remastered version on my Patreon.

Hello, I am developing a standalone version of Desire Den for Quest/2. I have some public APK tests you can sideload available on my Discord server. 

The Steam and Itch versions of Desire Den are for PC and Desktop VR only. 

The standalone Quest/2 version will be available sometime before summer as its own game. 

I am also planning on releasing a Quest/2 port of Desire Den's PC VR version. Just depends on how much scaling down I will need to do. 

Yeah the mobile version is the oldest and most outdated version of Desire Den. Don't expect updates for it anytime soon as priorities for mobile have shifted to Quest/2 mobile VR

Hello, there is no APK for quest/2 yet.

Taking a look at the itch PC build now to see if I can replicate the issue

Hello, what are your system specs? How many monitors and what resolution are you using?

Which version are you having issues with? (PC or VR)

Thanks for your feedback. These things will help me solve the issue you are having. 


Nothing like that yet. The only player role is M for now

Hello, my Patreon is here

Hello, thanks for your interest in my product. I apologize for the bugs in my demo. I really appreciate you for letting me know about the demo bugs. I try to do my best balancing my personal life and my business life since I am a solo developer but I will spare you the details. 

Bottom line is the demo was very much rushed in an effort to increase sales when I was really in need of money. Absolutely. I should have taken much more time on it especially play testing.

Desire Den was supposed to go so much further than it is now in it's current stage and it still is supposed to be but there is only so much one person can do on their own while juggling the real world.

Regardless I know that my products demo will be a reflection of my effort to the uninformed. 

You are so sure I am an asset flipper and that really left a bad taste in my mouth. I spent so long making this game and maintaining it on my own. I apologize for my lack of professionalism but there is a human behind the keyboard that sometimes needs to get away from the one thing keeping them afloat. 

Thank you once more for giving me some insight on my product's demo from the consumer's perspective. 

I hope to someday earn you as a supporter. 

Hello, what device are you using?

Install the apk on any modern Android device and enjoy!

Hello, it has been a while since I have worked on the mobile version. The current version was from several major updates ago (It is a nearly direct port of the PC version from around June 2019. 

I'll spend today copying the PC version and converting it to Mobile/optimizing it.

May I ask which device you installed it on so I may test it out myself?

Thank you so much 

Here you go!

(1 edit)

- Pinky Idle Loop Fix

- Dialogue White Square Fix

- Proper Paw Prints As Foot Step Marks

- Mysterious Strange Man In The Doggie Den (He doesn't say much right now ((much at all))

- Desiree Sitting Breast Weight Adjusted To Be Less Stiff

- Pink Ivy For Feb (First taste and the beginning of many themed events)

- Fixed Random Light Leaks On Second Floor

- Added some new dialogue (To introduce the upcoming new scenes for each character)

- Idle Males Have Boner Weight Now

- Fixed Brightness Issue And Added AO

- Interaction Text For Scenes Overlay Fixed

- Fixed Lucid Dialogue Collider Trigger

- Fixed Desiree Dialogue Collider Trigger

- Fixed Loading Screen -> Main Menu Hang

- Bandaid Fix For Cursor Stuck On Screen (If you happen to see it on load pause and unpause then click on your screen.)

- Changed Dialogue UI To Wheel Type

- Sex Scene Button Prompt Is Now A Screen Overlay

- New Loading Screens For Each Scene

- New Level Icons

- New Player Start Select (Choose between the Doggie Den or the Desire Den)

- Changed Loading Screen Prompt Color

(1 edit)

- Fixes to the scene where the player subs to Lucid (Animation loop fixed, no more seams!)

- A new M/M/M scene with Aleph and a Digi Dog in place of the old M/M scene (More to be added) 

- Colorspace/Graphical changes

- Performance improvements

- Dialogue UI Changes

- New Main Menu

This update will also include a small demo of "Desire Villa" (Android APK for now, PC and VR Demo coming soon)

Desire Villa will be a more personal experience where you can use your hands (VR) mouse (PC) or touch screen (Mobile) to play with characters in your very own island villa. Desire Villa will use fancy smut tech to simulate penetration (see the video above for an early demonstration)

Hello! Thanks so much for reporting this bug. 
Also I apologize for the late reply, I get a lot of notifications for itch and I mostly check feedback on Steam and the Discord server 

Could I get a few more bits of info? -

What are your specs for your display ? (Resolution and # of displays)

What type of GPU are you using?

I'll subscribe to this topic so I can get a notification right away

You can also reach me on Discord  @FrostedBrain#3826 feel free to message me!

- Fixed Loading Hang When Going To The Main Menu From The Pause Menu

- Fixed The Loading Screen's Text Position As To Not Collide With The Game Controls

- Dialogue System Changes

- Activation Of Sex Scenes Is Now Dialogue Choice Dependent (Say the right things and don't get turned away)

- Corrected Grammatical Errors In Dialogue System

- Added "Hovering Projection Pucks" Above Virtual Dogs To Better Illustrate Their Existence As Holograms

- Added Lucid's Dom Scene From Previous Versions Due To Popular Demand (Animation Seam Still Visible For Now, You Will Notice A Nasty Loop. This Scene Will Be Completely Redone To Fix This Issue But Won't Happen Until Later This Month)

- Fixed Lucid's Crazy Eyes

- Fixed Lucid's Missing Jaw Animations

- Fixed Lucid's Fingers In His Re-Enabled Scene

- Added A Rotating Camera Around The Dancer That Will Display On The TV Near The Bar

- Enabled Ivanna's Old Scene At The Bar

- Quick finger fix for Desiree's scene by the dancer

- Less pink

- Added Finger Posing To All Scenes (No more flat hands!)

- Fixed Nina's Tail Positioning

- Added Ivanna's Scene At The Bar

- Better Performance With Occlusion Culling

- Reduced Visible Animation Loops

- Finger Posing Added To All Characters (No More Flat Hands!)

The VR version was broken after the recent quick fix. This update adds the missing files needed to launch it

- Fixed Aleph's M/M Scene To Prevent Him From Being Cloned During His Sex Scene

(1 edit)

VR 1.05b Additions And Fixes

- Added The New Doggie Den M/M Scene From PC 1.05

- Added Facial Expressions To Characters During Scenes

- Removed Forward Dash From Right Stick That Would Cause Some Vive Players To Dash Forward Randomly

- "Pet Me" Tutorial Prompt Now Times Out After 20 Seconds

- Fixed Clipping In Bar Guest's Tail

- Fixed Clipping In New M/M Scene

PC 1.05 Fixes

- Fixed Clipping In Bar Guest's Tail

- Fixed Clipping In New M/M Scene

- Added Facial Expressions To Characters During Scenes

- Doggie Den Has New M/M Scene With Player

- Doggie Den Has New Dialogue With Aleph

- Orbit Camera Starting Distance Shortened To Prevent Camera Clipping On Start

- Fixed Leg Clipping In Lucid's Scene

Overlapping Features From VR 1.04

- Added Three New Roaming Characters In The Doggie Den (Upstairs.These characters are part of the upcoming PC update and will have sex interactions for the PC version)((These dogs might be a little dumb, they are learning their way around)

- Switched The M/M Scene Near The Doggie Den Entrance Upstairs

- Chickens Will Now Flock To Certain Foods And Fear Others (Pick up the bread and lead the flock!)

- Tooltips Automatically Disable After 30 Seconds

- Tooltip Size Adjusted For Readability

- Tooltip Boxes Resized To Fit Text

- Fixed Wrist Twist

- Fixed Player Body Not Rotating With Player In Roomspace Gameplay

- Fixed Missing Body Part Interactions In Bar

- Fixed Missing Grab Script On Some Cash Bundles

- Fixed Grab Stability On Chicken Wing And Bread Objects For The Upcoming Chicken Minigame

- Added Climb Ability For Upcoming Minigames And Easter Eggs

- Added Glow To Body And Eyes To Better Distinguish Virtual Dogs From Meat Dogs In The Doggie Den (Upstairs)

- Switched Player Movement To VRTK

- Added Full Body Physics For Player (No more falling through floors/getting stuck in objects.)

- Money Now Collides With The Dancer's Body Properly (Jigglies move too)

- Added Hand Colliders To Basement/Dungeon Characters

- Added Three New Roaming Characters In The Doggie Den (Upstairs.These characters are part of the upcoming PC update and will have sex interactions for the PC version)((These dogs might be a little dumb, they are learning their way around)

- Switched The M/M Scene Near The Doggie Den Entrance Upstairs

- Added a second jukebox for the Doggie Den (New music coming for this box)

- Chickens Will Now Flock To Certain Foods And Fear Others (Pick up the bread and lead the flock!)

- Added Controller Tool Tips With Player Controls (Look at your hand to activate)

Note: To access the VR version of Desire Den, you will need to open the installation folder and you will find a folder called "Desire Den VR 1.04"

- Quick fix to the VR version, last update included a broken VR build. 

(2 edits)

- Fixed Missing Breast Collision On Desiree's Scene

- Added A New Pet In The Doggie Den

- Fixed Missing VR Basement Interactions

- Corrected Chicken Rotation Bug

- Added Character Head Look

- Lighting And Color Changes

- New Character "Zeke The Wolf" (Interactions and playable wolf coming soon)

- Upstairs "Doggie Den" Now Open (WIP still, content coming soon)

- Player Threesome Scene Fixed

- Lucid/Nina Talk Anims Disabled Until The Next Update

-- Important VR Notes --

- Stairs to second floor may break at times causing player to fall through them to the first floor. This is being looked into.

- Steam VR is required for now, Oculus users may play with Steam VR open.

- Steam VR controllers are shown in game placed in the player's hands. An option to toggle controller rendering on/off and Oculus controller model coming soon.

Report any issues you may encounter
Suggestions are also welcome

VR Should be working fine with the included VR build. Steam VR must be running for it to work using Oculus systems.
I am uploading a new update for PC and VR today, with a mobile update following soon after.

- Optimized performance 

- Improved graphics

- Soundtrack updated

- Chickens ported from the PC version

 Snapdragon 835 and above devices are recommended to play this apk

(1 edit)

- Updated the loading screen controls to include the "Speak" button for the dialogue system. 

Press F to talk to characters that are in your speaking range. Speaking range is indicated to you by a prompt on top of your screen that will either be filled solid text when close enough, or faded when too far to speak.

- Fixed the spelling of "Kobold" in the menus

- The Main Menu button in the pause menu works now. No more hangs

- Loading screen images fixed/updated 

- Chicken collider fixes/physics

- Main Menu music changed

- Main Menu music volume adjusted

- New music, old music scrapped.


Today I have released Desire Den out of Early Access.

This does not mean Desire Den is no longer being updated and improved.

I finished introducing all of the promised major features and provided a solid base to keep updating on. The game will still be updated with more content and new dialogue as time goes on.

Thank you for supporting Desire Den in Early Access.

Thank you to those who have seen it's roots and wanted to watch it grow

Desire Den is now ready to move to 1.0 and out of Early Access

The 1.0 update is the start of something much bigger and is a taste of more to come.

1.0 Major Features (PC)

The introduction of the Dialogue System (Non Voiced)

Dialogue Based Progression For Scenes

Automatic messy finishes

1.0 Minor Fixes (PC)

Chickens now have accurate colliders

Chickens now have rigidbodies. No more brick wall chickens that get in your way or push you around.

Updates for Desire Den Mobile and VR are coming soon

Penetration Update For All Versions

- No more genital clipping, proper penetration.

PC Changes

- Fixed Jukebox toggle

- Chicken roaming fixed

VR Version Specific Changes

- Added multiplayer support (random connection up to 4 players)

- Added Player body

Android Support Included

- Added Android .apk in the install folder. (Runs best on modern hardware.)