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Thanks for checking it out!  I saw the video on twitter, earlier, and already had a watch.  Loved the way you read the tutorials (not enough people read them at all, but you got the exact tone we were going for).

Thanks so much, glad you dig them :)

I'm glad! Me too!

Thanks so much!  Glad to hear it!

The engine was originally windows focused and has been updated over the years to port to other OS, but with limitations, and no Linux.  The next major version will have native cross-platform support, but it could be years away still.

I'd love to make all of my games available on all platforms in the future, so I'll keep hoping, watching, and waiting.

Haha, I appreciate the more positive phrasing, but it won't be possible to build a native linux app with this engine.  I've heard good things about running apps from this engine through WINE, and when it comes to Steam it will utilize that built in feature, hopefully.  Never say never though...a port in the future could always happen as things change.

Thanks so much!  Can't wait to share more.

Aww, I don't think they were being too serious.

If only I could.  Not a possibility for now, but could be much further down the line.


I definitely agree.  I think it goes without saying that a game made in 2 days isn't going to be as exciting as a fully featured project with all the content, and bells and whistles in place.

For this year's Ludum Dare theme "Start With Nothing" I was inspired to combine elements of roguelite dungeon crawlers and battle royale games.  

Start with literally nothing, not even clothes, and make a mad dash to loot the various containers lying around before the approaching flames reach you.   Then, whether you're ready or not, face off against a giant red dragon! 

Let me know what you think.  I can only do so much in 2 days, but if people like this, I would love to expand it into a richer, deeper experience.  Download it here for FREE:

Warning:  Tiny, pixelated dwarf buttcheeks within (but...t...nothing else)

Always impressed by games that can manage to squeeze an entire full experience into such a small space.  This is clever and fun to play while I have my morning coffee.