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Thank you binoy-d 🥺 

That was fun! I think the music added a funky vibe. Great job on this! :) 

sorry! i will add a warning to the game description 

Thanks for the feedback! For the second level, you have to go to the dandelion without the dog. I tried to make it a little subversive haha but it do be confusing

I had to run away from my desk after I clicked each submit button

so clever. good job! :) 

cute and charming



(1 edit)

Developer here. Some [] brackets and some function change the speed of the game. not intended. if it changes, refresh! (sorry) (ill remove this comment if i ever fix it lol) (edit: it's fixed!) 

anyway, i did the writing and production. hope y'all enjoy! (and no, the gf was not cheating. it's all in the programmer's head) 

i will never look at taxes the same way again

ive found it

the epitome of romance

I love the dramatic intro lol. 

took me a while to figure out that down-arrow interacts, but afterwards it was a heartwrenching experience. (soft spoilers) it got all my roomates invested, shouting at the screen.

The first time I came across a house I tried to enter it unsuccessfully. :C  And afterwards, passing through all those houses I couldn't interact with really drove home the sense of abandonment. Nice job! 

The city-scape environment was really pretty! (my gf says it's a perfect date spot. Yknow, she's a UCLA student and was super proud to see the UCLA Game Lab wireframe asset being used) 

I'll think of this game the next time I have to reach for pills to cure a headache but cyborg arms are blocking my floating disembodied hands. 

I'm disappointed the block wasn't the cute lamb on the thumbnail.

 It lured me in with its adorableness! 

Thanks Ned! Seeing the Anthropomorphic Furniture initially gave us the idea of managing talking furniture, but it was having to adapt to the Cyperpunk modifier that turned it into a game about revolution. 

Not implementing a speed-up is a huge missed opportunity - especially considering that we already implemented it in the editor for easier debugging haha. 

This positive reception is more than what we anticipated, and we're practically bouncing off the walls in response to it! :DDD 


Woaah that is really flattering. Thanks! 

Interfaces look slick af. nice job! 

Holy shit, this is the first time anyone's ever put up a let's play of my games!
This is beyond awesome. Thanks! 

Thanks for hosting the Jam! 

When're you gonna play the games on stream? 


novel idea executed with flair. I'm a fan! 

Well, that was utterly breathtaking.

seeing all the cursors dancing around my screen was super cute. nice game!