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lol true

yeah i agree im always questioning whether or not I should risk rerolling

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i see people complaining about how many days they lasted. I lasted 2



in the end the pink guy's (can't remember the name lol) had 192 damage

tell me you got an op team without telling me you got an op team 

im not even gonna ask what happened here
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Again love the game I just wish there were pairs of units that just go together like how in SAP the horse and cricket go together. I also wish you could freeze one thing then roll without losing that thing

Sry for nagging you with my unnecessary requests  lol

what do you mean by yet? hmmmmmmmm sus

one more thing sry but i kinda bothers me that you have to buy the friend whistle and after you use it you have to buy the unit as well

lol glad it's not just me that it bothers

yw, btw I found a tiny teensy mistake. the one-man army and round warrior aren't by each other but they come from the same tier one unit instead it is alternating with the poisoner and Assasin. it probably doesn't bother anyone else but im a perfectionist lol.

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I like it

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for some reason, the public versus never works 

thank you for your help

idk why but I can't upgrade the people in my army


Really good game. I just have one complaint the game keeps on crashing. I don't know if it's a problem with my browser but yeah. (btw my browser is chrome and I'm on a Chromebook) 

😬 honestly have your opinion ig i honestly dont care anymore. i don't want to fight even if i think what you said was wrong. 😐

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oh yeah sry about telling you to shut up i was having a bad day. but other than that i stand by what i said



Bruh you have no right being this talented

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It isn't freaking 'cosplay' it's how they feel about themself. The person who 'cosplayed' as a woman is actually a woman. and there's no room for opinion here they are either a man, a woman, or anything else in between to you. It's not your opinion if you think they are a man then that's downright disrespectful. I mean how would you like it if somebody told you you were something your not. How would you like it if somebody said you were the opposite gender of what you are. I'm sure that would make you mad. that person isn't cosplaying because that's what they actually are, a woman. That's how it freaking works now shut up before you offend anybody.

oh no. my heart. it's broken.

well them im dumb

um... What?

i got 0


i got 200 something on my first try

loved it

it's alright. I could probably ask a friend or something

this is my only device sadly 

thanks for the tips

I'm sorry but it's kinda long and boring imma give it a 5/10 just my opinion sorry

I feel so bad this was based on real-life events! Great game 10/10

amazing game there were no difficulties starting or playing the game great job 10/10

so, idk what to do

I tried again and it said I needed a software update so I checked my settings but my settings said my device was up-to-date