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I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to put something like this out there, let alone live through it. Thank you for telling your story.

Thank you! I always try to make my shitposts at least a little entertaining and high quality so I'm glad that came through!

There's different versions of the 2k3 rtp (it's stupid like that), you might need the japanese one, and the ones for the pirated version of 2k3 and legal version of 2k3 are also different. If you're asking about re:in though I'm not sure I can be much more help than that as I had nothing to do with its development nor have I played it?

Glad you were able to get it working and that you enjoyed the game!

Seems like you're probably missing the rpg maker 2003 rtp (you can download it here), which is required for games made in the engine to run, but that's weird because if that's the case the game probably shouldn't have launched in the first place.

You could try adding the image into the folder called "Battle" in the game files and see if that fixes it? 

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D

Woah, it's awesome to see you return! Saying this game looks absolutely stellar would be an understatement. I'm genuinely blown away by how good these screenshots look and I can't wait to buy this when I have the chance!

Thank you for checking the game out, and the video as well. Had a lot of fun watching it!

For your first time using rpg maker, this is pretty nice! It's a little rough around the edges, and the grammar and spelling could use some proofreading, but it's filled with nice ideas and has a pretty decent atmosphere going. Hope you decide to carry on using the engine, I'd definitely be interested to see what else you might make with it in the future!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look into adding some install instructions soon (and possibly adding a seperate download with rtp), completely forgot to do it when submitting ;;

Makes me so happy to hear that, thank you! The continued support in the series really means a lot <3

Thanks so much for the continued interest lav! I'm glad it was a satisfying continuation, and I'm also really glad it doesn't retcon anything from Third Stranger, haha.

Thanks so much fan! I don't have any plans to stop posting on itch anytime soon, luckily :D

It's not the last in the series, but I have no plans to stop making these any time soon since they're a lot of fun, so if you're interested I suggest just getting into it. They're all semi self-contained stories (they feature characters from previous games but the conflict is tied up at the end of each one, so you won't be left with any cliffhangers).

Thanks cap, glad you like them!

Thanks so much for checking out, glad you thought so!

I dig the style of this. It's very artistic and the way the text moves around kinda makes me think of House of Leaves. Very nice little game!

That was super awesome! I love the writing and the visuals, and it's a really unique concept. Definitely seems like it'll be among my favorites of the jam!

Couldn't figure out what to do, but the visual style is very nice! Pretty intriguing little game :D

I downloaded this just out of curiosity and wow that was actually really funny??? And a cool concept??? And super fun??? This is pretty much as good as 10 minute games get, I love it.

Awesome! I wanted to be able to save because there were a few times I wanted to intentionally kill myself to see if there was any special game over dialogue (since i found out by jumping in the hole that there was) but didn't want to lose my progress. I think it's a good addition personally!

This was pretty good! Only thing I'd point out is that I wish you could save, but otherwise I really liked it.

Seems pretty cool from the 5 minutes I gave it a try. Any chance it'll get an English translation at some point?

Also just a heads up that the game crashes during the intro due to a missing sound file. I ended up having to copy paste another sound effect and change its name to the missing sound to get past it.

So I decided to check this out. It's not very good, but it's your first game, and god knows my first game was a thousand times worse, so don't feel to discouraged when I say that please! You've got the basics down well and I feel you could really make something great someday if you keep trying!

I took notes while I was playing. Some of them are kinda nitpicky, but I think they're points worth taking into consideration for your future projects.


- There's some grammar and spelling errors at some parts. It's fairly obvious what was directly copy pasted from the creepypasta and what was written for the game. 

- The ending is strangely abrupt and feels really rushed. I don't doubt that this is an issue with the original creepypasta itself, but this is precisely why when adapting short stories into games you'll usually want to avoid doing an exact replica and expand on the dialogue itself. Games are a medium heavy on dialogue while creepypasta is more heavy on the narration, so it doesn't translate too well when you don't add more dialogue of your own.


- I assume this is largely the creepypasta's fault but I'll still point it out. There was little to no motivation for any of the parents' actions. Why did they keep her there? Why did they have to feed her a human when they had animals anyway? Was resorting to murder for no reason at all really necessary? I assume the man may have seen something he wasn't supposed to, but why did the parents let him into the basement anyway? Like I said, I know these are probably not your fault but rather the creepypasta's, but like my previous point, when adapting you'll usually want to change a couple things to improve the story.


- The mapping is fairly decent. I like the dark wood floor. Not a huge fan of how the ceilings touch the corners of the map, though. It makes them look stretched, if that makes sense.

- The way you walk through the doors is pretty cool. Pretty interesting idea that I've not seen a lot of developers use in their first games.

- When that last picture pops up and the main character goes "What is that," I agree with him. What IS that? Because that picture is really dark and you can barely make out what's even happening.

- The light switch to the basement is a lever... that's kinda odd.

- The parents sleep with their eyes open? Yeesh, that's gotta be the creepiest thing in this game.


- Starting on the map and then the screen fading out is kinda weird. I get what you were going for, but what I recommend doing is going into the database and having the player start out as transparent (it's next to the thing that lets you change the windowskin's color) and putting him in a blank map at the start of the game, THEN transferring to the bedroom after the intro and making his sprite non transparent via events. I don't think black screen narration intros are usually a very good idea writing-wise anyway, but that's mainly just an opinion so feel free to take it with a grain of salt.

- I found a very minor bug where you can walk over your parents' bed.

- You should probably get rid of the default rpg maker menu. None of the options actually end up becoming relevant except the saving, which you could probably just do with a save point in the bedroom, so I would have personally suggested having a parallel process that disables menu access. You could also create your own menu, but that takes a while to learn and I wouldn't really expect it from most people's first games, so I'll give a pass.


That's about it! Again, I hope none of this is discouraging to you, the intent is just to help you improve! Good luck with your games in the future, I'll probably be checking them out!

This is only an ATTEMPT at making custom graphics? Damn, dude, you got it down very quick. I'm absolutely loving the atmosphere from these screenshots. Hope to see this expanded in the future!

I always forget how happy I am that people actually still use Rpg Maker 2003 until I see great looking games like this. There's just so much charm to these you don't see in Ace and MV games. Needless to say I am hyped for this to get a full release!

Any chance of an english release at some point? This looks really interesting :D

Yeah, I absolutely did, and I had the fortunate luck of getting two or three very minor spoilers. It's probably my definitive favorite so far, actually! 

Well this took a turn I did not expect. It was a great load of fun, though! Got two endings, couldn't figure out how to get the third. This is totally an accurate experience to real life as some who went to see Endgame a week late and had to live like in the middle of a landmine until then.

This was kind of decent! The visuals could use a lot more polish for sure, but I see a lot of potential in the idea. I hope you might decide to expand on this in the future, it could be a really fun game if it was longer, but it's decent enough for its length! Lowest amount of deaths I managed to go was 4. Could've easily avoided one if I wasn't an idiot and didn't walk straight into a hole. Is there a way to go for zero?

If you don't have the source code anymore, you could actually just download a RM decrypter from google to gain access to the files again. A whole bunch show up if you just google "Rpg Maker Decrypter." Part of what makes making rpg maker games scary is how easy they are to hack into, even with the encryption.

I'm really liking the colors on the thumbnail image for this. Might end up giving it a go, looks pretty slick.

Dude, I can't believe I'm only coming across this now! I just got a huge nostalgia rush. I used to love these games so much as a kid. Absolutely buying this when I get the chance <3

Thank you, glad you liked it, and thanks a lot for the let's play!

Wonderful. As someone with social anxiety I can rarely enjoy the wonders of shopping like this with my unusually long stretchy arms. Thank you for helping me live out my wildest fantasies. 5/5

This was pretty fun! There were certainly things that could have been pulled off a bit better, such as how the visuals felt very incoherent (the quality of the art was way above the quality of tiles and sprites) and that it could be polished a bit better, but the story had a great set up. I would honestly love to see this one win and be extended in the future. I'd also love to see more exchanges between Ian and Adrian. As it stands, it's a bit weird that they seem to care so much for each other despite knowing each other for like 20 minutes. In summary, great setting and lots of potential, but as it stands it's just good, and it could be amazing.

This was very intriguing! While I did really enjoy the story, I would say my biggest complaint was that the game felt very unpolished. I guess that's to be expected for a game made in a month, but it really felt like I was playing something made by someone without much idea of how the engine works. There was little to no player feedback for interacting with some things. I could never tell if I had an item ready to use after clicking it or if the retry button actually worked when I pressed it. Otherwise, excellent art and lots of potential. I would definetly love to see this one extended and refined and I think it could actually be a really really good game!

Ended up liking this a lot more than I expected! I actually found myself getting really intrigued by the story. It was kind of adorable but also eeriee as hell. 

Oh, thank you for the clarification! That makes sense, I assumed a few items were left over to be used in the future. The dialogue was more than good enough, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. As well as the other things, really, most of them are just very minor issues that do not hinder the game that much.

I'm glad my feedback was helpful!

Really short, but I do like where this is going! Just one thing, I did come across a game breaking bug in the room with the switches that moved the moons and stars and such. I think it happens when you interact with the switches from the sides. Also would have appreciated more saves in between. Otherwise pretty damn good!