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Yeah, I absolutely did, and I had the fortunate luck of getting two or three very minor spoilers. It's probably my definitive favorite so far, actually! 

Well this took a turn I did not expect. It was a great load of fun, though! Got two endings, couldn't figure out how to get the third. This is totally an accurate experience to real life as some who went to see Endgame a week late and had to live like in the middle of a landmine until then.

This was kind of decent! The visuals could use a lot more polish for sure, but I see a lot of potential in the idea. I hope you might decide to expand on this in the future, it could be a really fun game if it was longer, but it's decent enough for its length! Lowest amount of deaths I managed to go was 4. Could've easily avoided one if I wasn't an idiot and didn't walk straight into a hole. Is there a way to go for zero?

If you don't have the source code anymore, you could actually just download a RM decrypter from google to gain access to the files again. A whole bunch show up if you just google "Rpg Maker Decrypter." Part of what makes making rpg maker games scary is how easy they are to hack into, even with the encryption.

I'm really liking the colors on the thumbnail image for this. Might end up giving it a go, looks pretty slick.

Dude, I can't believe I'm only coming across this now! I just got a huge nostalgia rush. I used to love these games so much as a kid. Absolutely buying this when I get the chance <3

Thank you, glad you liked it, and thanks a lot for the let's play!

Wonderful. As someone with social anxiety I can rarely enjoy the wonders of shopping like this with my unusually long stretchy arms. Thank you for helping me live out my wildest fantasies. 5/5

This was pretty fun! There were certainly things that could have been pulled off a bit better, such as how the visuals felt very incoherent (the quality of the art was way above the quality of tiles and sprites) and that it could be polished a bit better, but the story had a great set up. I would honestly love to see this one win and be extended in the future. I'd also love to see more exchanges between Ian and Adrian. As it stands, it's a bit weird that they seem to care so much for each other despite knowing each other for like 20 minutes. In summary, great setting and lots of potential, but as it stands it's just good, and it could be amazing.

This was very intriguing! While I did really enjoy the story, I would say my biggest complaint was that the game felt very unpolished. I guess that's to be expected for a game made in a month, but it really felt like I was playing something made by someone without much idea of how the engine works. There was little to no player feedback for interacting with some things. I could never tell if I had an item ready to use after clicking it or if the retry button actually worked when I pressed it. Otherwise, excellent art and lots of potential. I would definetly love to see this one extended and refined and I think it could actually be a really really good game!

Ended up liking this a lot more than I expected! I actually found myself getting really intrigued by the story. It was kind of adorable but also eeriee as hell. 

Oh, thank you for the clarification! That makes sense, I assumed a few items were left over to be used in the future. The dialogue was more than good enough, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. As well as the other things, really, most of them are just very minor issues that do not hinder the game that much.

I'm glad my feedback was helpful!

Really short, but I do like where this is going! Just one thing, I did come across a game breaking bug in the room with the switches that moved the moons and stars and such. I think it happens when you interact with the switches from the sides. Also would have appreciated more saves in between. Otherwise pretty damn good!

This was really good! I absolutely love pretty much every map and the setting itself. The archipelago seriously feels so lush and alive. The story is simple but definetly gets the job done. The humour never made me laugh out loud, but I enjoyed it none the less.

I did have a few minor nitpicks, though. For one, I kind of wish you could run. The slow speed really became annoying after a while, especially since I got lost a few times and ended up having to slowly walk around the entire island multiple times. That's my biggest complaint, actually, I found it really easy to get lost because you weren't always given proper directions or clues on what to do. Other than that, found it kind of weird how I never ended up using the spearhead or finding the other ruby to unlock the two remaining doors in the temple. Also wish there was a little bonus content or something for finding all gold coins. Ended up finding a few bugs, but nothing too major, mostly being able to walk around during some cutscenes in between dialogue. Lastly found it a tad weird how you cut off mid sentence right now instead of just making the dialogue box slightly longer so everything actually fit in it. 

I do hope this one wins because I would love to explore more of the archipelago, even for the visuals alone.

Absolutely loved this one! Would definetly love to see it win and be made into a full game. That being said, jesus, that final chase was BRUTAL. Took me at least 50 tries to finally get through it. But hey, at least the visuals are amazing, but I expected no less from ya~

Really intriguing little game! I'm a sucker for mono gender catholic school settings and gore, so I definetly found myself enjoying it. I think the ending felt a bit rushed and I'm also a little disappointed that there wasn't a twist or anything. Great visuals and sound designed, very well polished (save for a very minor bug where you can walk on the blood on the wall in the basement and that you seem to be able to move around while attacking a pod in the last battle) and well written.  I'd love to see this one be extended in the future, so best of luck winning!

Okies! I'll follow you on twitter :) I'm @FroggeDev ^^

I'm everywher- I mean sure! I'll add you if you could link me either :)

Wow! Your mapping is actually really good compared to a lot of beginner devs I've seen 0.0 Really looking forward to playing this!

Also, feel free to ask if you need help with anything :) I've been using rpg maker for around 2 years, and I'd be more than happy to give feedback on your maps or just help you with anything you need :D