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Ayyy I'm really happy to hear this! I played a fair few rpg maker games on my 3ds as well, so it's cool to hear it came full circle in a way. And if the game didn't teach you all about the wonders of Tesco, I'm not sure anything else can :P

I'm really happy to hear this, it's exactly what I wanted to achieve with the project. Thank you very much!

I'm not sure. If it doesn't run by default it should definitely run with the EasyRPG emulator though!

Welp, there you go. The without rtp version only runs if you already have the rtp.

Is it because you don't have the rpg maker 2003 rtp installed by any chance

The graphical style reminds me a lot of Flash room escape games I used to play. Which is to say this looks awesome and I'm super excited to give it a try soon!

I think it's called "I Love Beijing Tiananmen," I used the short loop version from Hong Kong 97

I had Gettin Weird with It on in the background while developing most of the game and the games featured there were a big influence on how this came together. It was an honor to be on there and give back to the community o7 

Rpg maker games have a tendency to get flagged falsely as viruses. It's probably because there's an .exe file in the folder, and it's safe to ignore the warning, don't worry 👍

You can change the resolution by pressing F5 and toggle fullscreen with F4 :)

Stories like this are super special to me, I'm happy it gave y'all something to do together and glad you had fun!

This was kind of a prototype and it was my first time experimenting with the feature so it's not really perfect. Sorry about any frustration caused ^^;

It might run on mobile if you play it on EasyRPG emulator, but there's no official port planned.

Which version did you download? The default or the one without rtp?

In any case, the easy solution would be to download EasyRPG emulator and run it through there, it troubleshoots most issues for you :)

This looks so cool, I hope you decide to do an English translation, would love to play it!

This was such a cool experience!! My friend riggy played it on stream yesterday and I just had to check it out myself. Tons of cool ideas, art styles and secrets (managed to find four by the end). Looking at the comments and from stream yesterday I know some people found it hard to know what to do, but that's kind of what I loved about it. Feels like one big puzzle to solve. My only word of advice would have been to replace the default MV message box and font, but that's obviously a tiny nitpick.

Looking forward to whatever you end up making next - will definitely be checking it out! 

Wow, loved this! Pretty much amazing in every aspect. Loved the characters, loved the artstyle, loved the horror bits and overall just loved the experience. I hope you decide to submit this on rpgmakernet aswell, I'd love to put in a good word for the other mods and feature it on the front page!

Sup nerds, let's get this bread!

I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to put something like this out there, let alone live through it. Thank you for telling your story.

Thank you! I always try to make my shitposts at least a little entertaining and high quality so I'm glad that came through!

There's different versions of the 2k3 rtp (it's stupid like that), you might need the japanese one, and the ones for the pirated version of 2k3 and legal version of 2k3 are also different. If you're asking about re:in though I'm not sure I can be much more help than that as I had nothing to do with its development nor have I played it?

Glad you were able to get it working and that you enjoyed the game!

Seems like you're probably missing the rpg maker 2003 rtp (you can download it here), which is required for games made in the engine to run, but that's weird because if that's the case the game probably shouldn't have launched in the first place.

You could try adding the image into the folder called "Battle" in the game files and see if that fixes it? 

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :D

Woah, it's awesome to see you return! Saying this game looks absolutely stellar would be an understatement. I'm genuinely blown away by how good these screenshots look and I can't wait to buy this when I have the chance!

Thank you for checking the game out, and the video as well. Had a lot of fun watching it!

For your first time using rpg maker, this is pretty nice! It's a little rough around the edges, and the grammar and spelling could use some proofreading, but it's filled with nice ideas and has a pretty decent atmosphere going. Hope you decide to carry on using the engine, I'd definitely be interested to see what else you might make with it in the future!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look into adding some install instructions soon (and possibly adding a seperate download with rtp), completely forgot to do it when submitting ;;

Makes me so happy to hear that, thank you! The continued support in the series really means a lot <3

Thanks so much for the continued interest lav! I'm glad it was a satisfying continuation, and I'm also really glad it doesn't retcon anything from Third Stranger, haha.

Thanks so much fan! I don't have any plans to stop posting on itch anytime soon, luckily :D

It's not the last in the series, but I have no plans to stop making these any time soon since they're a lot of fun, so if you're interested I suggest just getting into it. They're all semi self-contained stories (they feature characters from previous games but the conflict is tied up at the end of each one, so you won't be left with any cliffhangers).

Thanks cap, glad you like them!

Thanks so much for checking out, glad you thought so!

I dig the style of this. It's very artistic and the way the text moves around kinda makes me think of House of Leaves. Very nice little game!

That was super awesome! I love the writing and the visuals, and it's a really unique concept. Definitely seems like it'll be among my favorites of the jam!

Couldn't figure out what to do, but the visual style is very nice! Pretty intriguing little game :D

I downloaded this just out of curiosity and wow that was actually really funny??? And a cool concept??? And super fun??? This is pretty much as good as 10 minute games get, I love it.

Awesome! I wanted to be able to save because there were a few times I wanted to intentionally kill myself to see if there was any special game over dialogue (since i found out by jumping in the hole that there was) but didn't want to lose my progress. I think it's a good addition personally!