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Bro this is awesome! 

You guys did an excellent job!
The only thing i noticed was it is hard to time the clicks, i havent heard ame's song that much so i don't know where the beats are

Buen juego!
los animatronicos se ven chistosos deslizandose por el restaurante
Encontré un par de bugs, no arruinan la experiencia pero se me hicieron graciosos

  • Las puertas se pueden "abrir" sin estar cerradas, y viceversa
  • Foxy se pega a la pared (Es intencional?)
  • El evento de quedarse sin energía tarda mucho en activarse, o al menos eso me pasó

Bien hecho! ojalá siguas haciendo juegos!

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Very nice!

Absolutely loved it!
got a bit dizzy at some points, but overall a nice game!

Great game! It's fun and easy to learn, i'd love to see more interactions with the shotgun tho, maybe a missile/landmine you can launch at will? Keep up the great work!

I loved it! the puzzles took advantage of the mechanics

Buen juego! simple y rápido. La música está un poco alta, pero tienes el espíritu

I liked it!

Its a nice experience, im not a horror lover, but i liked the psychologic atmosphere


Nice game! i haven't played the whole game, but i love how you approached the mechanics, i didn't know the fly mechanic was intencional at the begining, but it was genious!

We made it over the week, thanks for the feedback!

Really fun game! i kept pushing the "move menu" button for no reason

Nicely done! i loved the gameplay, keep up the good work!

I liked the concept! and the graphics wew so polished to be only 5 colors! keep up the work!

Glad you liked it! I have a 4-5 page word document with all my ideas, and i'm really looking forwart to working on this proyect.

Thanks for your feedback!

I was really restricted by the jam's limitation, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the comment! I´ll work on that bug ASAP

I´ll make sure to play your game!

Awesome!!! I absolutely loved it!!

Thank you all for the feedback! It really helps as is my first jam ever. I'm thinking of polishing the game into a "Full release", and all your comments are welcome for me to make my best!

Loved it!

It was fun and quick! Really liked it!

Great job! i loved the puzzle theme, it really got me guessing which color was next.
The only issue i had was this data folder, I had to rename it to "ColorTime_Data" in order for it to run

Hey there! Im not really into puzzles, but i loved the way you implemented the color theme. nice job!

Really enjoyable!