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Glad that you liked it! I'm not much of a programmer, but it was a great experience getting it to work :D Thanks a lot!

Exactly! Knight moves have always attracted me, and the idea of using them as a central game mechanic has been in my mind for quite long...

Nice game :D I also started from the lonely knight against pawns idea...

Hi there!

I'm a musician and composer, though quite new to the game music world. You can check my recent experience on jams on my soundcloud.

(By the way, I'm also a would-love-to-be(in-my-next-life) game designer and programmer, here you can try my last little experiment.)

((As a consequence, I have some knowledge on audio implementation (in Unity) and middleware (FMOD, working on Wwise now).))

I'm open to collaboration on whatever crazy project you're working on! You can reach me on fr.jurado@gmail.com or on my twitter account.