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Space Invaders?

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Can't make this start, I tried on both linux and windows through itch. The unity loading bar gets stuck at around 80%.

This seems to be a thread on the issue

Nice game, I got goosebumps from it... Replayed to reach all 4 endgings, I noticed that after reaching ending 4 and starting a new game it got bugged, "it's time to leave" was appearing on most interactions and if I tried to go through the woods it would say it couldn't.

Great little game, loved the music. 


- Fire tongs hint appear after hosts arrive, even without fire tongs

- fisherman is half in front of me, halfg behind me

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Great game, I' m enjoying the puzzles and the personalities of the characters. Runs perfectly on linux.

So far (currently stuck on the box) I' ve found a single bug: if I look at the safe content I can't go out of its menu (I' ve got only the three choiches to look at its content and am missing the " stop looking" option I had on the first/second time I looked at it)

Thank you, I had fun playing this.

- shooting downwards let me jump on and on effectively flying (don't know if that's intended)

- When I open a hatch I have to move out of its sprite before I can use (f) it

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If I have waves coming on both the left and the right side of the city how do I manage my army? I mean can I split it somehow or is it just all left/all right? Or do I need to put cards both on the left and on the right side evenly so when this happens it's ok?


- please let me change the space bar function. In many games it's a pause button and I keep on discard my hand by mistake ;D

Same behaviour

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Aedron folder is C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\aedron-shrine

No error:

 {aedron-shrine v2.2.0} (Electron v5.0.7 | Node v12.0.0)

[main] app : Ready.
[main] BrowserWindow : Created <main>.
[main] BrowserWindow : Created <loading>.
[main] BrowserWindow : Shown <loading>.
<main> Library : Build finished.
<main> Library : Media preloaded.
<main> electron-store : Accessed default store.
<main> webContents : Registered basic controls.

It gets stuck at the start on the Loading screen, I tried to launch as administrator but it didn't work.