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Thank you so much for your nice comment :')
Yes! You can wishlist it on Steam and I hope to announce the launch date soon, as the game is very near completion!

Wow this game is amazing... Great work!

Love this game!!

I love this game so much! Specially how you used the palestine theme for an animal! We can't forget that, besides all human conflict, there are also other species living there :)

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Hello there! Let's talk about foundations and organizations that help penguins! These are a few we know:

If you know anything about any of these or know about another one that you think is trustworthy (or not) please let us know below so we can all decide together how to help penguins in the best way we can :) We can even donate by part to different ones.

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Hi! Since we're donating half our income to Foundations and Organizations that help penguins, it's important that we're completely transparent with how much we earn. I'll post all the info right here!

This is how much we've made by now with in-game ads. I can't collect it until we reach 60.000 CLP (around 80 USD). Once we do, we'll donate half of it to the Foundations and Organizations we choose together :)

If you're having any issues with the game please let us know here

Did you like the game? We'd love to hear what you think about it!

Did you make a high score? Share it with us :)

Amazing work! Pretty fun mechanic :) The checkpoints are a little too far from each other though! Hahah

We really want our game to have a positive impact on players! That's why we want to know what this game means for you and what you think about it so don't hesitate to leave a comment below :)

Are you having difficulties with the game or just want to ask something specific about it? Just write it down here :)

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Hi! Since the game is about buddhist philosophy, I thought it would be nice to have a place where we can talk about it.

Not much is known about buddhism in the west and it isn't exactly a religion like most people would say. It's more of a philosophy (and a practice too). A lot of things can make us feel anxious, sad, angry or anything and most of the time it's our own mind playing games with us. If we learn to discern (one way is through meditation) what is in our minds and what is not we can be able to live more fulfilling lives and take more care of everyone around us (animal and human).

We are not experts on buddhism and we don't consider ourselves buddhists. But let's talk about it, question our ideas and share what we know :)

very funny mechanic! Jumping is harder than what it looks like specially if you're a fridge! Would love to see more of this :)

Awesome! I can't believe I didn't play this during votes in the jam, it totally deserves first place! Congratulations :)

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you like it :D

Thank you :) It's true, checkpoints would help a lot! Hahaha

Very cool and chill game! :) Good to see you ate so many cookies! 😊

Of course :) I'll try it out right now

What an amazing game! I made 33 points :) That's a lot, right?

Too fast! They dont care about anything :(

Thanks a lot :) We had an amazing team 😊

Thank you very much :) I loved your game! I thought mine was hard 😂

Thank you very much! :) We'll polish the mechanics and add more things soon!

Thank youu :) patience is key to get past those speeding cars!

Hahaha yeaaah... Maybe we went a little too far 🤣

Those cars really don't care about anything! The game's ending really makes it worth the difficulty ;)

HAHAHA Right? That's what we're the most proud of

Thank you very much! :)

That would look awesome! Great idea :)

Amazing art! Having different characters to discover the level on different paths is the perfect use for the limitation!

Noooo I wish I could save all the frogs :( Great game!

Wait till you see the yellow car! :0

I loved this! My grandma found a grandma with a grandma!

Thank youu :) We worked hard on it

cutest frog in the jam!

Super cute game! :3

thank you very much! :)

Amazing art and very fun game!

very fun! :) I hope you keep working on it