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FriendlyHornyGuy(HUN,free translator)

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Looks good. Can't really add anything else, since this is a 10 minute demo.


this guy stole your game and re-uploaded it.

just informing you

Rememeber:i try to give a honest review and not to sugar coat it.

Well,this is something.has an alright story,not out of this word,but does its job.

Art is pretty good,tho your friends haveing only 1 facial expression when they are in their monster form is something i found kinda boring.8/10

the choices usualy change nothing in the story. theres only a few choices which accualy do.(keep in mind,i only played the story+Emika route,and rn im to laty to do the other ones,but from what i saw only 2-3 choice really mattered. )4/10

(will change on depending the other routes)

the game promises 4 main ending(+all the deaths)which seems refreshing,but i think i can alredy get an idea of what 2 endigs will be,or close to what most likely be.8/10

The game is won't blow ya mind,but it has potential.tho i found it weid how the MC never brought his friends to their house,or if he did,they never freaked out and showed the monster form(im reffering to the fact that the parent too,can see them,)5/10

its only chapter one yet,and from what i saw,3 more are planned. If they will contain the same amounth of choices that accualy matter(tho,it might be the case of the choices you chose now will have greater effect in late game)6/10

In Total:6.2/10 as we hungarians say it: Szódával elmegy( its ok with aerated water) meaning its not great,but not bad either. i think this game can and will be a pretty good one,tho only time can tell.

Apologies if my comment insulted you in any form or way. its none of my itention,my intention is to give my oponion. if you feal  like im wrong/an idiot,you just need to ask me to remove my comment.This is just how i feal about the game

-Best Regards:FriendlyHornyGuy

God be like:

Bitch. How Dare You Still Live? | Know Your Meme

This game gives me "What A Legend" Vibes.

and i rate that game quit highly,so takes this as a way of me saying:your doing a great fucking job.

Im planning on giveing a bigger,more detailed review,but im to tried for it,so its gona have to wait a bit.

looks good,feals good,i think im gona check back in maybe a year or so.

good luck with them game

-Best Regards:FriendlyHornyGuy

I smell great potential in this game.

It is a game you only see once a year.

It is only a brief showcase,but damm,is it good.

the story seems intreesting,the animation is great.

Even if i wanted to,i can't say anything bad about this game

Holy fuck,literaly founded this game,first thing i see is this

Take your time.It doesn't worth putting your mental/physical health on the line just for the sake of us.Taking your needed time to recover is not only important,but should be mandatory.I hope that i may see this game prosper.

Sadly,i suffer from a case of:being broke,so i can't support.all i can do is play the game and try to leave a honest review,and if i,for some reason do not enjoy the game,i just take my leave(not that i wish to imply it would be a bad game,just maybe not for my taste)and if i found it good,stick around.

I belive that you,you have what it takes to make a good game.Just please,always take care of your health/personal issues,as your well being comes and always should come first.

Rise and Shine,Mr Vic,Rise and Shine.(Half-Life 2 refrence)

and also,make porn Mr Vic.

Best Regards:FriendlyHornyGuy

Take care Buddy.  Sok Szerencsét,barátom("good luck my friend" in hungarian)

MC be like: where are my E y e s ? ? ?

still,a good game i guess.

btw,the orange text is accualy a pretty good idea,showing characters,and telling their past/personalaty wihtouth needing to spend 5 minutes reading it.

eh,guess number 3 is the most instresting to me.

You know the rules,and so do I

its a porn game,and a good kind

You may not like the math problems

And neither do i,its good for suckers

Thats how long i managed to do this. its a good game,tho it feals like the sex animation hard carrys the game. 8.2/10


Look mom,thats me

im here to report a bug: when you work for ritsuki,you do not get any gold from it(it says you got gold,but your money stays the same)

as a non-genshin player,i approve of this

H-h-h-Hans,i-i-can explain,please,i beg of you,don't burn me with the flammenwerfer

Playing the new version,im confident in saying this could be another game in the high ranks,like:champion of the realms or hero's harem guild. Its just a matter of time....

but im horny now

Understandable,as games even if good,not guranteed to be finded by a large audience and make a good amount of money.

Even if it does happen,energy,motivation and time is needed,if any is lacking then the progress is slow

anyone lets hope we get patreons. would help,but i suffer a minor case of being broke

i said it on newgrounds,i say it here

this game is like a bar of chocolate you get from a friend.

Its not the best,but still,you can enjoy it,if not atlest theres the thouth

i think its an ok game,but i would wait with buying it

Like,i expected 10 times worse,but nah,its good. this is i think one of those games that are:tooooo good to be free,but would't pay for it(my opinion,don't send the IRS on me pls)

Good job dude

and go to horny jail

and when your back,make more

So,what now?when is the public getting v0.2.0?

just cause its been almost 3 month since anything happened

Its not bad

The game works as its suppozed to,evreything looks good,tho its another one of those:i pref the gameplay over the sex


G o o d stuff

It ain't much,but its honest work

(2 edits)


Im going to be honest,i enjoy the story much more then the sex scenes

Lets go over the game,shall we?

S P O I L E R(begone)

Story:your an idiot with little to no money,who manages to let his backpack be stolen .Luckly you rain into koboyashi and Tohru,whom offer you a place in their apartment.You do you,the morning arrives,you leave the apartment aaaaaaand get yeeted by a not even suprized.


aqua offers you to live once again,but you need to fuck once evrey 5 day or die.thats really to the story right now,as of the demo.Could be worse,saw worse,played worse,8/10

Now, S e x

not a big fan of it if im honest but i can't expect evrey porn game maker to know how to animate like a god (if the story good,i usualy don't care and vice versa)

playtime:its a visual novle,around 15 ish,minutes of gameplay and i think 6 choices,and one death ending(?)this is the enbodyment of:would not pay for it,but for free its a steal

I feal its gona be a game that i wil forget for 7 months,then remember it existed and check out the new part(if theres gona be one,idk how long an update takes)

Tho i wonder if its gone be free or just a demo on here and there to give people and idea if its worth buying or not and the full version on patreon only? Beacuse its important to know if its a free game or not(im not saying 2 dollar a month is a lot,but it can add up.Im not saying you should't support creators,theres just a big gap between free and paid games)

-Best Regards:Horny(Get that god damm bat away from me,im not going back to jail)

(1 edit)

For me,mega still takes me to an other site called F95 ZONE(if its also a download place,then sorry for bothering,but im not putting my email there),

but Nopy is working

and i thank you for removing ANON,might be just me,but i wasn't happy to get a bitcoin miner(might be also a virus,idk ) luckly i got  IObit uninstaller an avast anti virus,so it was out the window in an hour,i will test the game now,and leave a third comment about the accual game.

-Best Regards:Horny

Nopy doesn't seem to work(or im an idiot,could totaly see it) MEGA takes me someone else and ANON.... well lets just say i left with atlest 1 bitcoin mine.  So idk,the game seems good from the pictures

A good game,tho i think a bit more choices would be great

I always wondered how much people who make porn games accualy make. this site seems to be the best place to find out,so i ask it:how much money did you make from this game(if you feal like its none of my business,its alright)

I mean,from what i gathered from other creators,it takes a long ass time to make profit +most case paying help(artists,animators,etc) and the time spend on makeing the game.

I mean i fully understand that a lot of people do it for a hobby,and like a lot other hobby it E A T S  money and time. Tho i feal like it takes a lot longer to come up with characters,thier look,style and how the story should go on and other time taking parts.

of course,i could be looking at the wrong side of the coin,as i do not,and do not intend to make any game,i just wish to look at the developers view on this matter.

 And why am i askeing you? Cause if from someone i could get an anwser,it would be you. You not only made a great game,but seem to be really active, not only on the game,but also the community and from what i saw you never give a rude anwser even to trolls.

Anyway,s,you don't need to anwser if you don't feal like,i understand.


The game itself is good,tho sometimes i just spammed enter and space cause i fealt that there was way to much dialouge for my taste.What can i say?if your horny go ahead,give it a shot,if not,you can just try to play it for the story(i do not recomend playing games like this for 7 hours straight,its unhealty,send help) So i guess this isn't better or worse then,lets say:hero harem guild or champion of realms

TLDR:give it a shot, lose 2 hours of your life,at best,you enjoy the game

it was worth the 9-12 hours of gameplay,i shall await the 1.3 when it becomes avalaible to the public

well boys,i did it,i finished (at the moment) all avalaible quest,it only took me 4 hours of non-stop gameing,but i did i. Good game

Dear god

The best free game i saw since team fortress 2,9 years ago when i first played it

G o o d