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the core concept of the game reminds me a lot of bit.trip runner, but in bit.trip runner you have more or less one obstacle corresponding to one input. i think the things like the golden enemies and the ghosts are a really nice addition, feels like you have to understand the rhythm rather than just sightreading the chart

the last level in the demo was really well-executed, taking a simple rhythm and developing it throughout the course of the level

loved the postprocessing effect thing at low life, made the game really stressful & i spent like half the time there. especially stressful on the really slow sections cause you have to get everything perfect to stay alive


pretty neat

very neat game

the game is certainly epic

the game uses gles 3.0 which means it crashes on macOS



except it’s a passable game

and it doesn’t have the gag where you can blow up the counter by spamming too much which is the only redeeming factor of quiz show

also i’m replying to a 2-year-old comment like why am i doing this

got C after that but at least i am already blop king

I AM BLOP KING (this was surprisingly hard, great game!)

great game, would love to see what the enemies are going to do on the next turn like in Slay the Spire but game works very well already

really cool game! curses were very creative (especially the one with random palettes, first got some nice palette and then got like pink on green), feels like reverse roguelike where you have to prevent synergies.

yea i think it's so you can do cool automation things with conveyors

thanks! i knew about the bug where everyone gets stuck and you can get basically infinite points but by that time i didn't have enough time / energy to fix that ;)


loved the game! sort of confused on how someone managed to get 4919 tho ;)

I used a spritesheet for the solicitor guys, it really would've been better to tint their color in some way because i ended up having to make 4 separate animators and re-make the idle, run, and jump animations for each one which was really tedious

thanks for the feedback!



physics? is the worst level but most of the other ones are fair imo (biased)

will make more gud


realistic to the max 20000%



Spinny Game community · Created a new topic Feedback

please share what ways in which the game is terrible here

Spinny Game community · Created a new topic Speedrun Times

please post your best times (with optional screenshots) here.

ok, i'll just delete the submission

i meant to post but accidentally posted

is there any way to fix this?

try alt-f4 (to close the window) or alt-tab (to switch to a different window)

i might make a quit button

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Nice! (If you want, you can use a tool such as py2exe to convert your Python code to a Windows executable that doesn't require Python to run, but this is unnecessary.)