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If you spam E close to Phantam,  it adds another dialogue bubble that doesn't go away at the end of the dialogue and sometimes is visible behind the current dialogue

Check here before posting in the new bug thread :)

If you find bugs, don't hesitate to bring them up here.

Will do my best to make them go away eventually.

This text-based story is very well written and a pleasure to read through °-°. I can't wait for the next update, thank you very much! :)

A simple game with a solid gameplay, it looks neat.

Just a tiny comment, my game jam teammate told me this when I shared this game to him, your game is impossible to play for  colorblind people, maybe a numbering of the stamps might help out for this (he could not distinguish between two of the three stamps).

Nice job! :)

It looks nice, and it's fun (and stressful)  even though I struggled so much! Nice job!

This was a very  nice game, very sweet and sad but not bad sad, just normal sad from pet loss.

This artpack is very beautiful!

Nice breakout game, with simple but nice sprites  and a proper breakout feel. I liked being able to twist the plate :D. I haven't played much because I was not very good at it, but it is fun :)