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lol yes, controls are kind of tricky. btw, the throne should always work, it's supposed to just give you random gifts

nice music! nice sounds! nice car! controls are a bit off,car get stuck ofteennnnn :)


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NICE OOOONEEEEEE!!! reminds me of this

very ccool

doesnt give me the win condition tho :(

oh, it would be really cool to see the map at the end :)

i dont quite get the controls. like when do the presents open? they seem to open when you press the key a lot, but i cant tell. it's quite hard btw :)) nice game

ahahah noice!1 :^))))

yes, osx el capitan

cant open on osx :(

i like the art and feel. but the game seemed a bit buggy, like duplicating the ship every time i start, or random deaths and a lot of lag. couldn't really play for long :((( but seems a good one!1\\

controls are quite good. the gameplay feels good. the initial mouse input bothers me a bit. also, background and foreground are too similar, it gets confusing for the gameplay. would be nice to separate them more.  nice one overall :)

beginning is cool. the orbiting weapon is not a bad idea, but the overall controls are really uncomfortable. still i like the effort!

nice dreamy atmosphere, i like how things get destroyed, also the bullet behaviour :) gg

nice one, i like the floaty jump :^) unfortunately i had no sound

also like the big window size lol

very noice! love the wall breaking shader :^)

BALSO just released on the volcano 111!!!1111

BALSO is an adventure exploration game set on a tropical island

go play BALSO and forget your christmas struggle

super good. godly

REALLY GOOOD GAME!!!!! !  !! ! !! 11 11 1  GG

enojoyed a lot

this game is AMAZING omg


mac version also doesn't seem to run: The application “anno_luciferus_ld43_v2_mac” can’t be opened.

ahahah this is good!!11 i really lik your style

really coowlwo!