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Ohhh well that explains it all then

Hi , i've recently noticed that when you stand on the edge of the raft or on the edge of a net , the shark picks up and attacks you even if your not in the water , unfortunately I Don't have video proof of screenshots but I also saw that when the shark tries to attack he actually hurts.

I also wanted to point out as a future idea , Could you add a red effect around the screen when we are low health or take damage? because when the shark is attacking it's hard to tell if you lose health unless you look at your health bar..

Thanks !

Maybe Sandbox , revolver or some powerful secondary , and btw devs when is the next beta (6) coming out ? Keep it up :)

It would ruin the fun.

Unfortunately your gonna have to restart your game there mate , sorry 'bout that one

I understand your point of view.

Please add some attachments ! Id love to see that LLR with a silencer ;)

I did but clearly from your perspective they are alot harder i mean there is not much to do , take the new auto-sniper and go on a high place and there you go , there more busy aiming at other bots then you , i have tried this and its what i mean i think if its really supposed to be hard it should be even harder ! I'd also suggest reducing the time for the grenade throw , because it takes ages taking it out , taking off the pin and throwing it.

Great idea ! But this would be for more of a multiplayer feature.

this is minecraft battlefield. Its like 7+


Hey, i've played quite the shooter games and i think that this game is incredible but some things are to improve and add (if you can):

This game is a soloplayer so keep it like that , maybe adding some type of mission or achievements would be great !

Improving the AI for difficulty hard because they aren't as hard as i expected ;)

Maybe a few more gamemodes and enabling a console for players to mess around if they know a bit of source of commands you could publish on the game's website.

Expanding maps and adding immovable objects (towers, turrets, etc)

Fixing the problem where the boat stays stuck when a player gets infront

Some type of Class Creation/Class overlay before choosing load out with abilities (medic-regen, soldier-moreammo, tank-morelife/armor, sniper-invisibility/camoskin, etc)

Maybe add armor (as mentioned above for Tank)

More trees and maybe a hook or something so players can get above structures easily.

Definitely more guns ! (Maybe special weapons to pick up around the map like Minigun, etc)

Adding another team for different gamemodes (multi-team)

Adding FFA (Firstly improve AI to make it difficult)

Maybe a upgrade system/level (maybe required kills) system to get improved weapons (or to unlock them). Same for vehicles (improved damage/health)

For vehicle access, make it more logic because i jumped into a heli and was in the back seat when i should've been in the front one ! ;)

Oh and PUBLISH THIS GAME EVERYWHERE (i'll personally be pasting the link on forums) because this is a great way to make money if you get your own website and more donations , maybe a skin system , this is basically a BattleField game but free.

If you want to discuss, mail me at frencheyesb@gmail.com

Oh and i know my way in C and C++ so if there is help needed don't forget me !


-3rd Most Grenade Kills on BF1 Xbox One Worldwide