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I loved the "Legend of Zelda" vibe of this game.

I found the pixel perfect gaps to be a bit annoying. Otherwise, great work.

Looking forward to see what you have in store.

Ok I did it, but it's still very hard. Are the game mechanics supposed to be like this? Sorry I didn't get it at first. :)

Sorry, I couldn't play this game. The snake steers but won't move.

Cool game. Very well done. May I suggest changing the crosshair colour so it doesn't get confused with particle effects on some places?

Fun game! :)

Fun game. I agree with AI The Game Maker and Dungeon, the pixel perfect gaps are a bit annoying on some parts, but otherwise it's really cool. I had fun.

Thanks for your input, bro.

Yeah, the red level is the last one so far. I designed it this way to make it rather quick, but I'll soon push an update which hopefully will make it last longer. As you know, back in the day many games were just endless loops of increasing difficulty, so the goal was to reach the highest score and that's what I was going for here. Thanks for playing and for commenting. :)

I like the concept, but I'm so bad at it. Can you give me pointers on how to shoot the enemy ship?

Thanks bro. Did you get to the red level? It's supposed to be the hardest one.

Please let me know if you find any bugs. :)

Very nice! I loved playing Adventure Game. You should keep on. It has lots of potential. :)


Nice. It's definitely an old school Intellivision style game.

Thanks. :)

Cool game. Can't wait to play the full version. Was it inspired by Silent Hills PT? I felt some of its vibe in it.


Oh yeah. It's kind of an underlay, isn't it? I'll try to find something better. If I can't I'll just leave it as it is.

Which one do you mean?

Sure. That sounds like good advice. :)

I've updated it to meet the jam requirements. I've also tuned player movement and shooting. Tons of things yet to adjust. It's just too easy to play as it is right now. Lol.

I'll soon play your game and let you know my opinion.


Thanks for your feedback! You are right. I will correct the UI. Don't want to void my entry over a simple fixable thing. :)