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Thank You! The art pack was made for fun and isn't apart of a game.

Thanks Theo! We were planning to update the game sometime in the near future, and the feedback from the comments really help us in knowing what we should work on. I already have a bit of backstory done but nothing else yet, i will be sure to keep your comment in mind when working on the rest of the update! :D

Very well done! My only recommendation  is that I would have liked to be able to plant more than one sunflower. (Unless you already could and I was just dumb while playing)

This is a fun game and has a very unique concept! 

Thanks for your feedback! We sadly didnt have enough time to add an indication on when the plant is fully grown. However we have come up with a few ways to fix this in the next update, so you can look forward to it!

Thanks for playing! We were thinking of doing an update to our game anyway, so we'll add your suggestion to the list of things to put in.  :)

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Well this game looked great! The art was fantastic and I loved how you could bump into the sharks and make them go up and down. I could see the relaxing vibe that was attempted but I have 2 main issues. #1 Why is there no music? I know that not all games had music in this jam(mine did not) but for a relaxing type game like this music is basically  a requirement. Im pretty sure there are some good copyright free relaxing music you could have looped because I feel like that would have made this experience so much better and much more relaxing. #2 The fish are popping in out of the void. Maybe you could have made them spawn a bit further back on the x axis? I don't know but I just felt really taken out of the river experience every time I saw a fish popping into existence  out of no where. Overall this was a pretty good first try at a jam, but there were still some pretty major issues. Keep making games though because I feel like you can end up making an extraordinary game with the style of art that you used for this experience!

Quite a calm little game! Although i'm not sure if it is really a game by definition, but it as definitely a nice and relaxing experience! I would have maybe liked to maybe have had a little more content like maybe another sakura branch or something.  Overall this was a relaxing experience that was very polished. Well done!

Thanks for playing! I just got done rating sprout and I have to say the idea for unlocking abilities as you grow made a for a fun experience. I really enjoyed it! :)

Hmm, this mac build works with my machine so maybe it could be a problem with the mac anti virus not letting you open unknown apps. Just it case it was the build's fault though, I made sure to re-upload  it!

I really like this game! my main issue is that when watering the plants I tend to miss, making it kind of annoying. But once you get the controls down its really good!

We are glad you enjoyed our game!

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Thank so much for playing our game! That is a very good point you bring up since pop culture may not be the same in all countries! We will make sure to keep that in mind for our future projects! Thank you so much for the feedback!

We are really glad you had fun figuring out the puzzles we prepared!

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Yeah, Thank you for your feedback, The auto-full screen is a problem for some, since I prefer it that way I didnt think about those who did not, thank you for reminding me that t may not be the best choice for all players. I also understand the problems with the main menu and the enter problems. I should have used a better way to deal with navigation so I understand your gripes with that. There is surprisingly a reason why why we made players restart the entire game, since we did not want players to simply press random buttons until they got the answer, we decided that having the game restart was the best option since it was a better way (in our opinion)  to prevent random key presses. I do realize there were better ways to deal with that, but it was the easiest  and most convenient way to deal with it in the time given for the game jam. Thank you so much for your feedback! I greatly appreciate criticisms and feedback because they will help me and my team improve as designers and developers!

Fun game I liked the asthetic and the way it played. Good Job!

Managed to get a friend to play, pretty fun. Good Job!

Thank you for your input! We are planning on removing the blind jumps in the post rating update. Thank you so much for playing, and we are glad you had fun!

Fun Game I loved the final sequence although I would have preferred space as jump but that is a personal matter. Great game!

All 5 Stars.  Looks perfect, Movement feels slightly sluggish but that part of the game since there is a giant ball holding you back. The music and sound design is flawless. Just amazing game. One issue is that the controls appear at the end of the game, but that is the only one I found. Overall amazing game very polished phenomenal job.

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This Game Was fun to play, but I would have liked a background (although I understand It might not have been possible to add one due to the time constraint). I loved the music and the concept was fun although at first I thought the game was broken because I could not figure out how to interact with the ghost. (I actually found the amulet and did not pick it up, before interacting with the ghost) But an indicator for interact would have been nice.  The controls also so could have been tighter because they felt slightly sluggish (or maybe they were supposed to for the atmosphere). Other that you created a nice, short, and fun experience!Overall good job!

Fun Game! Is there an option to jump higher though? because the game looks like it was designed for it because there are so many candies that are out of reach. But I had a lot of fun trying to starve my already very sickly looking monster. Great Game!

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Thank you so much or your input! and thank you for telling us about the bug on the fourth level so we can fix it after the rating ends. We are very glad that you enjoyed our game and had fun with it. Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing and we are glad to hear that you are enjoying it!

Yes that crash you got was a bug when you die and try to read the sign at the same time.  I did not realize the bug happened on the entire map. Thank you so much for your feedback, all of the colliders in the game were precision ones for the spikes. We are going to patch the game after rating end to improve the level design and fix a couple bugs. Thank you so much for telling me about how you went left so that we could make sure that players could not do that in the patch for after rating ends. Thank you so much for playing our game and giving us your criticism! 

Thank you so much for your feedback! We are actually already planning on releasing a patch the day after the game jam rating ends to make it slightly easier.

Fun Game, Looks amazing. Good Job!

Really Gun game but I did find it quite hard to lose after you get 500 points. After that I did not touch my computer for a couple of minutes and I did not lose and instead got to 1500 points before closing the program. There should probably be some sort pf scaling difficulty or else the amount of points you get is too insignificant to affect the balance in the portal. Other than that I had alot of fun with this game. Overall Good job!

Great game but I really felt like the movement was a bit clunky. Other than that I would have liked to have a checkpoint. Everything else was impeccable you really nailed the atmosphere with the lighting and I was genuinely scared in that first bit, so great job.

Thanks For Playing! Im glad that you enjoyed it.

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Very Good Game!, When you die though you need to respawn at the begining of the level, not the game. There is also too many parts of the game where you jump down but you down know where you jump down to. Otherwise great game!

I would have liked to have a faster character. Thats my only complaint. Overall Great Game!

Good concept but there needs to be more polish, I know this is your first game jam and I can relate because this is my first one too, but I feel like this game could have been greatly improved with some visual feedback like little animations or a health bar for the ghost (that I never defeated).  I also feel as if both the player and the ghost were smaller, there could have been movement on the x axis of the game which would have improved the game drastically. Overall there is a good base but it needs to be expanded upon because the way it is it feels incomplete and rough around the edges. Good for your Game though, as it is a learning experience.

Great Game! I loved the game play and the concept behind the character movement. The floating table part of the game was a bit buggy because the frog did not move along with the table so my frog often slid off. But other than that everything else was very well executed and I had a ton of fun with this game. Overall good job!

Amazing game! great graphics and visuals, awesome soundtrack and sound design and great spooky atmosphere. I would say that sometime the movement felt slightly sluggish but I don't know if it was a design choice or if it was done on purpose. Overall one of the best games in the Jam.

I love the theme and esthetic of the game however i feel as though its a bit too dark and a minimap would help nagivate the player to where they're supposed to go.  since i found it difficult to know where the oxygen zones and decantamition were.

Thank you for playing our game! thank you for you feedback and we are glad you enjoyed it.I personally really liked crypt climber and I thought it was fun! the soundtrack was really good too!

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Thank you so much for playing and rating! Im glad you had fun running from the giant skeleton, and Shadows really fun to play!

Thank you! great game I really liked the cannons they go boom. Also boss could have attacked in some way and I think that would have been pretty fun. Overall fun game.

I love the game play and I love how the pumpkin's firebalss can kill the zombies. Its challenging but short, which is good in a game jam. The music was great and the sound effects were ok. My main criticism would be to have the backround art, even if it was a premade asset, I would give it a think black pixel outline so that it matches put in stayle to your other sprites, because for me the background looked out of place over the sprites that you created. I really liked the sprites that you created as well loved the style. One last thing is that I would have liked it if when the skeleton turned to a diffrent direction, his sprite followed  would follow suit and have a diffrent animation where the skeleton looks the directoin in which he is going. Other than that I did not see any problems. Overall definetly a solid game, with good gameplay, good looking sprites, very good music, and dying(again).