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yes i am, i should've said that in my post

is there any idea what could be causing it?

been playing a Ironman run trying to get the chasity achievement, but have been wanting to create a new save to unlock some of the new images for the gallery but I'm not sure if i can or not without erasing my ironman run?

how different is the demo ver compared to the full one on patreon? i was thinking for getting it but i can't find any info since the updates are only viewable after pledging

i can't figure out how to get this scene. i've finished the game and i can't wait for the full release, just want to know how to find it

i've seen a few monsters in game that have an outcome for their battle as "death", like the naga. how do you even get that ending as the only way i can think is letting you or their health go to 0 but that just gives a normal loss.

on android, the pervert images for hiro seem to be going behind the 'Done' button

do features have to be added back in to accommodate the new map? because i even after playing this on both difficulties she has never shoved me when exiting a room, even when carrying keys like she did in the previous map and she doesn't hide behind desks anymore at the entrance to rooms

just downloaded 0.2.27 and have found that she still doesn't have the image of hiro blowing her and getting the knot stuck in her throat as a viewable image in the menu