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Added joystick support in today's update.

Thanks for playing. Of course we'll add joystick support in the final game.

Glad you like it! Join our discord for the latest news.

Action Time Is Hotline Miami with rewind, where you play as mysterious man that can rewind time and destroy the mafia.

You and all enemies die in one hit! Play the adrenaline inducing raw action of Action Time here!

While the idea of the game is more of maneuvering with the recoils of your weapons, we, in some ways, understood the frustation of some users which feels the basic movements without using recoils is slow.

However, we afraid, we must discuss with the team regarding changing the basic movement speed as it will also affect the balance between many weapons we have and are making for future updates.

We are really thankful for the feedback tho! Will put it in our discussion list!

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Noted. Thx for the feedback. We're working on an option for exclusive fullscreen soon!