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Thanks for checking it out.

Yes, maybe, yes & yes.

Roll 2d6, add any that qualities apply (+1 for each), +1 for item used (or +2 if using a heavy item) vs CT.

Pith is primarily an exercise in brevity. I'm trying to be as terse as possible but an example may be more helpful. 

Also, the system is yet to be playtested which I plan on doing very soon. 

It's really really good!

Very nice indeed.

Yet another awesome and inspiring project.

Thanks for you comments. Unfortunately, they are not actual projects, just some public domain art that I added titles to.

Glad to see your JAR in the jam. A great concept.

This is very nice indeed.

Sadly, as much as I liked it, I have replaced the question mark. I hope you're not too disappointed.

Thank you.

Of course you are.

This is what happens when there are other things I could be getting on with.

I haven't read this yet but I'm compelled to share how stunningly beautiful I think it is.

Pretty neat with a unique flavour.

This is great fun!

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Thank you for your wonderful words. This is very much a work in progress but it's good to know I may be onto something.

I've enjoyed using Tiny Solitary myself but did need to jazz it up a little. I only discovered Recluse today after look into So1um. I'll certainly let you know how I get on. 👍

This looks interesting. I was not aware of Matt's version but he was cool enough to playtest Osseous, my first stab at writing "a system", using Ray Otus' solo rules.

Looking forward to playing around with this one.

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Thank you Zeruhur, I just discovered Gist! via Sigve Solvaag's blogspot about FKR tags. I did spot some similarities but Gist! looks stunning.

I have a similar issue with Firefox. I click the download button and get the thanks for downloading message but nothing has been downloaded.

Osseous is my attempt a trifold format generic 2d6 RPG system.