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Great graphics =) The style and animations is very good! Also interesting idea with choosing side. And i love the music in main menu =)

Maybe gameplay too difficult with long reload of the first gun. But animation of reload is outstanding =)

Simple, short, but with huge suspense =)

exe file open like txt file? Never heard this =)

I like the story and setting. Funny and creepy in the same way =)

Thanks a lot =)

Wow, thanks a lot for that kind words =)

Great cyberpunk and neon atmosphere! I love it =) Also cool vibes of Syndicate games.

No way, i can't believe it! My favorite game franchise continues! =) Just awesome game. Very funny as usual! Even better than Fallout 4 =)

Wow, i'm flattered =) Glad you like it!

Thanks for feedback =)

Thanks a lot! =)

Thanks a lot for your cool walkthrough and glad you like it! That's already the full game =)

Just sent a message =)

Catacomb 3D still give huge inspirations =)

No, i just wanted to make windowed game =)

You do best videos =)

Great project and idea to make game based on classic The thing from another world =)

Yeah, definitely =) That's just perfect game experience when you want to feel creepy, dark and tense atmosphere. You don't need plot or story. Just strong horror atmosphere and that's it. Also it's homage to Romero movies whitch i love =)

Very atmospheric game and tense story! Good job. I very like it =)

Jason rules! Awesome game =)

My Discord

Fred Richi#1436

By the way we can use email =) What is your email?

Sorry, but it's windowed game.

Thanks a lot for your super funny walkthrough! =)

Wow, thanks! Very glad you like it =) Yeah, awesome movie. Rob Zombie rules!

Thank you! Awesome videos =)

Hi =) I can try.

Hi =) Sorry, it's windowed game.

Wow, thanks a lot for that! =)

Awesome game! Very funny and unusual concept =)

Simple and nice game =) Also i like the concept.

Awesome atmosphere in the game =)

Thanks a lot =)

Do you have Discord?

Very short, but cool =)

That's your masterpiece of all time! =)

I'm totally understand what do you mean =)

Almost the same for me!

You're welcome and keep going =)

Super game! A ton of fun =)

(1 edit)

Awesome! I just love your game =) All is very fun and cool =)

Waiting the game =)

Thanks a lot for your video and review. I'm very glad you like it =)