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Looking good! It's like a Transformer =)

Hi =) This game for Windows.

Good job =) And I like the concept!

Thank you for a comment! =)

Thank you for feedback =)

That's a very nice concept! Well done =)

Thanks for that, Niven! And thanks a lot for your support! I'm very glad you like it =)

That's was great! Was so funny to watch it! Thank you very-very much for your nice video =)

You're welcome! =)

A cool game! Very atmospheric =)

I love your trailer so much! =) Excellent design of the page and games. Well done! I'm so sorry I didn't get to participate in your jam. You're the best! =)

Strange. For other players and testers everything works fine.

I will =)

Wow! This is a masterpiece!

I love it so much!
All is so cool and that music =) I can listen to this all day =)

You're welcome! Keep going! Your game is very positive =)

One of my favorite game ever! You done awesome job =)

Then it will be surprise for us =)

You're welcome! And keep going =)

No, not bad, in a good way =)

I love it! =)

An awesome game! =)

Good job =)

Жду выхода игры =)

Good job! Nice animations =)

Thanks a lot! I very like it =)

Thank you very much for your video! =)

Wow! This is your a very big game with such huge story!

There is so much of a special atmosphere of dark gothic, superstitious and drama.

It's like dark fairy tale for adult people =) You did a great job with a lot of characters, their personalities, dialogue and unique atmosphere of dark and scary legend. I love it!

A very good short horror!

A great combination of snowy landscapes, scary mystery and horror.
You also did a good job with the combination of walking simulator, slowly atmosphere, exploration and dynamic ending with chasing.

Another very good job!

I love screamers and the atmosphere itself. So dark, mysterious and claustrophobic place. This makes great suspense. And also I like design of characters.

Well done, Niven! =)

I like the 2000s games vibe here! =)

Maybe it will be Sleepaway Camp or Madman? =)

OK =)

Everything works fine. I just checked.

You can use it anywhere! =)

A nice short game!

I like the visuals (simple, but nice) and how you made level design. I always wait your new games =)

A very nice game! Also I very like the character Bobo The Cat itself =)

Awesome! You made good job with level design, dynamic and the story =) I love it very much!

Хорошая игра! =)