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Sorry for the too loud music, we'll try to do better next time :)

We had the same problem as you: typing to fast is not well handled because each character must be entered once at a time: if you "release" the first character after you start "pressing" the second one, it does not work well. I use the new input system of Unity (if you are familiar with it) and I'm not comfortable yet with it.


Yes, typing an noticing the green characters is not quite easy, we had no time to think of a better (or any) solution.

Maybe we could put the word bigger and in the center of the screen as soon as you start typing the correct letters, we'll think about that!

I've just uploaded a newer version with an easier starting speed and also a continue button to allow retrying without restarting from the first sentence!

I liked it, it's simple but require just a little of thinking to make it fun.

I had multiple times the same unuseful equation, so maybe use a bean bag (or bucket) next time to avoid that?

Good job doing a multiplayer game, maybe adding a gauge to see when the sequence will change could be good!

(but maybe a hint on the description page, I had to read the comments to understand it was meant to be multiplayer)

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Ah ah, I crashed all 5 of them before understanding I had to stick them to me then going backward with them!! Really nice game, nice art and music, good job!

A platform game is one of the hardest type of game to create as you have to be very precise on certain levels but allows smooth moves and not being too punitive on the other hand. It seems a great idea but did not even ended the first level after trying 10 times :( I guess I could not see clearly the collisions on the stain.

Why using a subtractive merging for a theme like a+b=c is a mystery to me ^^

that was quite a challenge for me to understand the correct usage of the tiles, but interesting idea!

Very nice! At the end, it was essentially putting the red one away so the green could spawn without being transformed immediately into red ones, I ended up with a score of 675!

Very smart usage of triangles! The blue area is not distinct enough from the white one on my screen so I had to check twice on the first level, but after that, everything went very well.


Great game! Simple but very effective. Tough, I ended at 13 points!

Great game! Simple but very effective. Tough, I ended at 13 points!

Yeah, my daughter was lucky enough to see him and started cello last year :D

We had no idea nor time to make different levels, so it ended up only one big scene unfortunately ;)

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks a lot, I will forward the message to all of them :)

Thanks for the bug, we fixed it and I uploaded a new version with a slower start and increasing difficulty. Also, if it goes too fast at the end, you can continue instead of restarting from the beginning.

Thanks a lot for your comments! I've just uploaded an easier version (also with a "continue" button if you fail).

Like Turu, it reminded me of Alchemy! (In fact, we almost ended up doing the same ^^)

Congrats on designing all elements, that was not easy :)

Fun way of using the theme!

First, I did not understand what I had to do, so I ended up with a 0 score, then something like 18-20 (I was trying to hit the "equal" button when I died so I restarted the game before seeing my last scode). It went pretty hard in a few step after being quite easy on the first 10-15 aliens.

I agree with the other comments, the visual should make the aliens and space most of the screen instead of being in a corner of it, I almost never watched the aliens and beam. Also, maybe using the countdown as a score instead of only aliens count, so the faster you are, the more you earn points.

Thanks a lot!

There are 18 sentences in total, and the words you have to enter have a slightly different color, I know it's difficult. My son was able to enter some sentences but it was way more difficult for my younger kid.

You're right, it's pretty fast, that was one thing we wanted to change but had no time to do so. The intent was to have a slow motion first, then increase the speed. We'll post an update after the votes!

Great trick to tell the story, good job!